Unlike with WWE Monday Night RAW, not every wrestling fan makes a place in their week for WWE Smackdown. Just in case you didn’t see it, or if you want a reminder of some of the show’s finer points, I’ve got you covered.

Dublin Street Fight
Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

The show opened directly with some action… and a bar at the bottom of the entrance ramp. At least they tried to mix things up a little bit in the extended feud with the special stipulation in the match. Sandow’s pre-match moment on the mic included a plea to the Carolina crowd is that they once again attempt to secede from the U.S. The high-spots of the match included Sheamus throwing a keg at Damien Sandow, and literally hitting him with a sack of potatoes before dumping them all over him.

Winner: Sheamus – which shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone.


The Miz Interviews Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel

On Miz’s show-within-a-show, it starts out as an interview with Paul Heyman… until the best manager in the business today calls out Curtis Axel. After it gets played up that The Miz is a FORMER (emphasis on FORMER) Intercontinental Champion, and that Axel is the CURRENT champion, The Miz makes a couple lame Star Wars references… one of them being that Paul Heyman talks like Yoda, smells like Chewbacca and looks like Jabba The Hutt… which Miz follows up by sending an uncalled-for shot at Curtis Axel by rephrasing a quote from Empire Strikes Back by saying that Curtis “isn’t his father”. After they establish the fact that Curtis Axel is going to be defending the belt against The Miz, a kick to the knee from Axel slows The Miz long enough for Curtis to hit a twisting reverse neckbreaker.

AJ Lee vs Natalya

Before the match starts, Kaitlyn shows up with AJ’s music, wearing her tshirt and short-shorts, hair dyed to look like AJ, and she basically rants for a couple minutes about how, basically, AJ is a slut who gets action with just about anyone and everyone. If she wanted to stir the pot, why not claim that AJ was with Big E Langston? Wouldn’t that start to drive a wedge between AJ and Dolph Ziggler?

Winner: Natalya – because AJ was distracted and Natalya got a roll-up pinfall. In the aftermath, Kaitlyn takes AJ down (and knocks her out) with a spear.


Money In The Bank Announcement

There are going to be two Money In The Bank matches at the pay per view. The one with guys from RAW targeting the WWE Championship is being called the All Stars version. The one for Smackdown is featuring “the future”:

Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Antonnio Cesaro, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow

I guess we’ll have to wait for next year to see if they use my idea to have one MitB match for a shot at a World Championship, and the other ladder match featuring guys in the tag division to have a shot at EITHER the tag titles OR a singles title.

Kane vs Randy Orton

The story going into this one was building on the feud Daniel Bryan had with Randy Orton in previous shows, and that Bryan said he’d be there at ringside on commentary to “help” his friend Kane if he needed it. At the end of the match, Kane was outside the ring, the count was only at “3”, meaning Kane had plenty of time to recover, but Bryan “helped” his friend back into the ring… leading directly to a Randy Orton RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

Ryback vs Justin Gabriel

In a bit of a surprise, Justin Gabriel did a great job against Ryback, getting arguably the majority of the offense during the match. Alas, Gabriel makes one mistake, Ryback capitalizes and hits the Shell Shock.

Winner: Ryback

After the match, Chris Jericho shows up, they mix it up a little bit in the ring, then Ryback escapes with Jericho standing tall.

2K14 Cover Contest

They reveal that the cover of the upcoming WWE 2k14, featuring The Rock. They also remind us that fans can design their own covers Рwhich I fully intend to attempt.

The SHIELD vs Christian & The Usos

Wow, look at that, an angle which was progressed because of something that happened on WWE Main Event, a show which most people often forget even exists. The Usos are getting a push, which doesn’t surprise me for three reasons:

1 – they’re young and talented

2 – they can pull the Twin Magic, which WWE loves to do

3 – they’re wearing board-shorts to wrestle in, so why not push them in the summer?

Giving the show a huge boost in terms of excitement, Christian gets a huge spear on Dean Ambrose for the pinfall.

Winners: Christian and The Usos

Fiesta Del Rio

The heel turn continues, and Ring Announcer Ricardo Rodriguez mocks the South Carolina crowd for not understanding the superior language. Following that up, Alberto Del Rio announces that he’s only going to be speaking Spanish, and that WWE Universe fans will have to use closed captioning to understand him. It’ll be rough for getting a reaction (other than USA! USA!) out of the live crowd. Oddly enough, this is the guy who was getting crowds to chant “Si! Si! Si!” just weeks ago.

Does it surprise anyone else that Alberto Del Rio is now a four-time WWE Champion?  That announcement caught me off-guard.

After Alberto Del Rio claims he will once again bash-in Dolph Ziggler’s brains at the upcoming pay per view, he calls out the former champion, who obliges and shows up, rushes the ring, and gets things started. Ziggler gets a face full of salsa, but that’s where things stop going wrong for him, and things pick up. The carnage which follows includes the smashing of a guitar on Ricardo Rodriguez (who had been thrown through a table) and celebrating with a championship belt while Alberto Del Rio watches on from the crowd.