Welcome to Skip or Stay. If you’re wondering if that episode of WWE Smackdown sitting on your DVR is worth watching, or if you should track it down on YouTube, read on so you know whether to skip through part of it or stay watching.

Disclaimer: I skip nearly all hype videos, whether it’s a recap of a PPV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, a big feud, or profiles of individual wrestlers. If I’ve seen it once, usually I don’t need to see it again.

And now for WWE Smackdown 10/1/2010:

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown

Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler © vs. MVP
– Smackdown is live tonight as it debuts on the SyFy network. Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” appears to be the new theme song for Smackdown, which is a pretty huge band to license music from, I imagine. As for the match, this is a rematch from last week. But after a couple of minutes, The Nexus sans Wade Barrett run down and interfere, leading us to a no contest finish.
– Verdict: Skip

Segment: The Nexus Attacks
– The Barrett-less Nexus beat down Dolph, and then they circle MVP in the ring. Guess what happens next? Beat down, followed by a 450 Splash from Gabriel. Big Show is out from the back to make the save, and almost does, but the numbers catch up to him. John Cena comes out next to help out with the ruckus, but gets taken down fast. Big Show re-enters the fray with a steel chair and nails “The One Man Hick Band” Heath Slater. The Nexus retreat until Wade Barrett appears on the Titantron. Wade says this is the last time Cena will get taken out by the Nexus because this Sunday he’ll join the Nexus. He also name drops the president of the SyFy network and points out that they’re BFFs, so Wade is going to book some matches tonight. We’re going to see the Big Show vs. The Nexus in a handicap match and John Cena vs. Kane in a Lumberjack match where The Nexus are the lumberjacks.
– Verdict: Skip unless you’ve never seen a Nexus beat down before

Tag Team Match: Michelle McCool ©, Layla ©, Maryse, & Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella, & Nikki Bella
– Michael Cole joins the ringside crew. I guess WWE still doesn’t trust Todd Grisham and Matt Stryker to call a live show alone. Poor T-Grish. The long and short of this match is Natalya hits some actual wrestling moves while Hornswoggle tries to drag Layla under the ring. McCool takes care of Hornswoggle, but in the ring Natalya makes Maryse submit to the sharpshooter.
– Verdict: Skip

Segment: All American American Homecoming Celebration
– Jack Swagger is out with a royal cape and eagle mascot, and he puts down his home state of Oklahoma since they never threw him a parade or gave him the key to the city. That’s why Swagger and his Swagger Soaring Eagle mascot (in a full costume) moved to Texas. To remedy the problems with Oklahoma, Jack Swagger declares himself the King of Oklahoma. Edge interrupts the coronation and tells Swagger that he is on a mission to rid WWE of everything stupid (somewhere a joke writes itself). Unfortunately for Swagger, his crown is stupid, his cape is stupid, and his mascot is stupid. Swagger hides behind his mascot, then bails, leaving the Swagger Soaring Eagle to eat a SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR.
– Verdict: Stay for the Swagger Soaring Eagle

Segment: Strategery
– Wade rallies The Nexus in the back and tells them they have to step it up on Smackdown, so its time to talk strategy. They huddle up and we don’t get to hear their master plan.
– Verdict: Skip

Segment: Dashing Deodorant
– “Dashing” Cody Rhodes gives us grooming tips to avoid body odor – namely, shave your armpits and use deodorant. Thanks Cody, I’ll go out and buy a few sticks right away.
– Verdict: Skip unless you’re just now reaching puberty and your parents haven’t told you that your armpits are really going to stink soon.

Handicap Match: The Nexus vs. The Big Show
– Pure Nexus domination here as they bring the Giant down and each member locks in a submission hold on his arms/legs/head. Big Show can’t even tap out so he dies… or rather, passes out. Post-match, Wade instructs Gabriel to hit not one, but TWO 450 Splashes on the Big Show. The second one is slightly botched. Nexus leaves triumphant. After the commercial break, Big Show limps to the back selling the attack.
– Verdict: Stay for the cool five man submission.

Match: CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
– I think we’ve seen this song and dance several times before. CM Punk gets a little offense, but for the most part the Undertaker, now powered by the Urn, hits all of his signature spots and dominates Punk. A tombstone piledriver ends this one.
– Verdict: Stay if you’ve never seen CM Punk vs. The Undertaker do this routine before. Otherwise, Skip.

Segment: The Return of Rey
– Juan Bradshaw Layfield makes his way out. He says he wants to apologize to Rey, so Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez brings out a Chihuahua in a lucha mask. He apologizes and kisses the dog. The real Rey Mysterio doesn’t find this so funny, and runs out to beat down Del Rio. We almost get a 619, but Rodriquez saves Del Rio and ends up eating a 619 instead.
– Verdict: Stay for the lucha dog.

Non-Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. Cody Rhodes
– Drew McIntyre accompanies Cody Rhodes out to ringside. This two minute match is just there to put Orton over, which it does. However, I thought Cody still looked decent. An RKO puts Cody away. Drew tries to retaliate with a Future Shock DDT, but eats an RKO as well. This gives Sheamus time to run out and level Orton with a pump kick.
– Verdict: Stay for RKOmania

Lumberjack Match: Kane © vs. John Cena; The Nexus are Lumberjacks
– Here is how this match works: The Nexus pummel Cena on the outside, but not Kane. But at the end of the match, Kane apparently stops caring, and attacks the Nexus. Cena goes to help Kane take out the Nexus, and we get a no contest.
– Verdict: Skip

Segment: The Power of the Urn
– As the melee continues, we get a GONG and the lights go out. The lights come back on and the Undertaker is in the ring. Kane and Taker brawl out into the crowd, accidentally knocking a fan over in the process. Paul Bearer lifts the Urn and that gives Undertaker the power to chokeslam Kane as they’ve returned to the ring. Undertaker signals for the tombstone, but Kane takes off. Undertaker poses with Paul Bearer to send us home.
– Verdict: Skip unless you missed this same thing last week.

Overall Verdict: Skip. The show was basically a sampling of the entire WWE product. Any segments or matches worth staying for were mostly for novelty moments. I think WWE was hoping they’d have a new audience for the move to SyFy so a lot of care was taken to orient this theoretical new audience with the current product and storylines. Not to mention, WWE had to make a hard sell for the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View that they only allotted themselves two weeks to build up. If you’ve watched WWE at all recently, you’ve already seen everything that happened on this show. We’ll really see if or how Smackdown changes because of the move to SyFy next week when tthe show is not live and RAW is not there to crowd the show.

Let me know your verdict on this show in the comments. Thanks.