Welcome to Skip or Stay. If you’re wondering if that episode of WWE NXT Season 3 sitting on your DVR is worth watching, or if you should track it down on YouTube, read on so you know whether to skip through part of it or stay watching.

Disclaimer: I skip nearly all hype videos, whether it’s a recap of a PPV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, a big feud, or profiles of individual wrestlers. If I’ve seen it once, usually I don’t need to see it again.

And now for WWE NXT Season 3 9/28/2010:



CHALLENGE: Wheelbarrow Pushing
– Just a reminder: The first round of voting starts at noon tomorrow on WWE.com. The Divas are doing a Wheelbarrow Pushing challenge this week. And the twist? Hornswoggle will be in the wheelbarrow, and if he falls out, the Diva is DQed. Maxine goes first, and after she crosses the finish, Hornswoggle falls out. The leprechaun bites Maxine’s ass in retaliation. Yes, that did happen. Naomi and Jamie go with nothing fun happening during their runs. Then the wonderful Kaitlyn goes and kills it in 12 seconds flat. AJ goes next and is the slowest, but Hornswoggle hugs her and won’t let go. Aksana goes but can’t beat 12 seconds. Kaitlyn wins it and picks up Hornswoggle up for a hug, then Hornswoggle puts Kaitlyn on his shoulders. He’s a strong little person! Vickie gives Kaitlyn a reluctant hug.
– Verdict: Skip unless you’re a hardcore Hornswoggle fan

In case you miss it fast forwarding through the RAW recap, the Smackdown recap, the Diva bios, and the commercials: NXT is moving exclusively to WWE.com starting next week. I assume that means it’ll be up at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific for us to… enjoy.

CHALLENGE: Diss the Diva
– We get a chance to hear the Divas diss each other to prove why the one doing the dissing should be the WWE’s next break out Diva. The problem is half of the Divas refuse to do any real dissing. It makes you miss the days of Christie Hemme telling other Diva-Wanna-Bes “You’re a *** guzzling gutter slut!” One of the only real things of note here is that Kaitlyn mocks Naomi’s ass only to be kicked down by Naomi, but it’s not that funny. Apparently this beef between the two of them has something to do with the online confessional videos they have. I have to wonder if those are interesting. I assume if they were, they’d use them to fill time on the actual NXT program. At one point Kaitlyn and AJ play patty cake while Maxine is doing her bit, taking advantage of their positions in the background. Anyway, AJ is declared the winner for her “I’m not a typical Diva” speech, even though Kaitlyn so far has stolen the whole “nerdy” thing out from under AJ if you’ve paid close attention. Afterward, Vickie calls Kaitlyn a failure, so Kaitlyn stands up for herself and challenges Vickie to a match. Vickie accepts and slaps the taste out of Kaitlyn’s mouth. Kaitlyn shoves Vickie down and we get a cat fight.
– Verdict: Skip

Overall Verdict: Skip. This one is a no brainer. If you are interested in those two challenges, they bookend the show. Everything else in between is just commercials, recaps, and Diva bio videos. No CM Punk on commentary this week, and WWE didn’t even care enough to change the ropes back to the NXT yellow ones from the Smackdown blue ones when they taped this episode last week. There wasn’t even much amusing or degrading commentary from Cole and Matthews. All in all really a fitting conclusion for the amount of effort WWE put into NXT Season 3 so far.

I may continue this column as the show changes homes to WWE.Com or I may not… You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the show or this column. Thanks.