Welcome to Skip or Stay. If you’re wondering if that episode of WWE NXT Season 3 sitting on your DVR is worth watching, or if you should track it down on YouTube, read on so you know whether to skip through part of it or stay watching.

Disclaimer: I skip nearly all hype videos, whether it’s a recap of a PPV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, a big feud, or profiles of individual wrestlers. If I’ve seen it once, usually I don’t need to see it again.

And now for WWE NXT Season 3 9/21/2010:



Segment: Opening
–    None other than CM Punk, sporting a brown jacket over his ring gear, joins Josh Matthew behind the commentary table, and it looks like WWE will still treat this show as a joke based on Punk’s sarcastic commentary. But Punk is an instant win for his “Matt ‘Jefferson D’Arcy’ Striker” comment. He also confuses Jaime for Kaval for minor lulz.
–    Verdict: Stay

Segment: Run Down
–    Striker runs down what happened last week, including the hot ass Kaitlyn winning the obstacle course, which gives us Vickie’s “EXCUSE ME” followed by Matthews saying “We have too many open mics on this show.” Vickie books Kaitlyn against Jaime, with the Undisputed Butterfly Belt Champions LayCool in Kaitlyn’s corner. LayCool do their shtick on the mic, ripping apart all of the rookies. Smelly Kelly then gets into it with some “Umms” to defend Jamie since the Bella Twins apparently have more important things to do on this Tuesday evening, and the match is now KK, Jaime, and Naomi vs. McCool, Layla, and Kaitlyn.
–    Verdict: Skip

Challenge: Timing – Musical Chairs
–    Oh boy. The title alone is almost an “instant skip.” Striker reminds us whoever wins the most contests gets immunity, and Naomi has 2 wins, Kaitlyn has 1 win, and Jamie has 1 win. Punk says musical chairs is something you have to do to pass wrestling school and this brings back memories of Chicago in 1998. Punk points out AJ has the best shoes for this (really high top sneakers) as everyone else is wearing heels. Matthews asks Punk how it feels to be sitting in the chair of a legend, and Punk says he’s sure Cole is out there corresponding a war somewhere. Along the way Striker makes a Green Acres joke no one gets but him. We get a controversial finish where the referee (yeah there was a referee for this) says AJ sat first, even though Naomi had most of her ass on the chair. Punk says the controversy on Season 3 is through the roof. AJ is declared the winner. Punk breaks down the replay showing AJ was there first and Naomi’s ass nearly knocked AJ off the chair.
–    Verdict: Skip unless you like Punk’s sarcastic commentary

Segment: Tears
–    Aksana looks like she’s crying over musical chairs. Goldust asks her whats wrong. Aksana says she’s on the verge of being deported. Please tell me this leads to Goldust marrying Aksana so she can stay in the country. Goldust says they’ll fix the situation, but for now she needs to focus on winning. They practice doing Goldust’s weird “breathe in” technique. Matthews asks Punk if he ever had a conversation like that with his rookie from NXT Season 1, and Punk says he never had a conversation with his rookie on NXT Season 1. Zing!
–    Verdict: Skip

Match: Maxine w/ Alicia vs. AJ w/ Primo
–    AJ gets a surprisingly good reaction from the crowd this week after two weeks of not getting the face reaction she’s supposed to. They recap the “Thin Mints” joke segment from last week and Punk says he would have gone for the Samoas. Matthews asks Punk what the Pros are telling their Rookies, and Punk says “They’re probably telling them to win.” Brilliant. Punk is calling out moves like arm drags and drop toe holds, and he also doesn’t know who J-Woww is. Punk says we need more positivity on NXT and says we’re seeing some “Vintage Maxine” right now. AJ wins with a “Brainbussssta” as Punk put it. But hold on, MICHAEL COLE IS HERE ON THE STAGE ASKING FOR OUR ATTENTION! The crowd boos him and he tells them to keep it up. Cole tells us NXT without Michael Cole is unwatchable. Michael Cole says for all of his “Coleminers” he has decided to bring back journalistic integrity to this show and will be returning to NXT. CM Punk says a handshake isn’t enough and hugs Michael Cole. Cole and Matthews also awkwardly hug. It appears Punk is staying on commentary for at least the remainder of the evening.
–    Verdict: Stay. Women did a good job and the commentary and Cole’s return was worth it.

Challenge: Talk the Talk
–    Punk says he wishes he had a little Chihuahua dressed as a human to sit with him and Cole and Matthews at ringside. We’re doing talk the talk and Jamie’s topic is “teeth.” Punk says we don’t even want to hear her talk at all. Jaime goes off topic, and Cole asks if his gong is out here. I think she also botches the Diva’s tag line. Stryker is laughing randomly because I think he hears the commentary in his ear piece. Naomi’s topic is “toupee” and the crowd just boos her before she can talk. Turns out she couldn’t think of anything to say about toupees anyway. She says she wants to wrestle and have a match. Naomi gets disqualified for being off topic. Punk says to disqualify “Janice” too. And the voice in Stryker’s ear disqualified Jamie too. AJ’s topic is “caffeine.” AJ starts talking really fast and I’m getting flash backs of Lucky Cannon for some reason. AJ says she’s been here for years and these other chicks are only here because there is money in their faces. I think AJ worked the indies for all of 18 months before coming to FCW. Aksana’s topic is “llama” and she asks Stryker to explain what a llama is. “It’s kind of like a camel but not really.” Aksana asks the WWE Universe if they want to see a llama and she asks Stryker to show it to her. Aksana doesn’t know what a camel is either. This was ridiculous. Maxine’s topic is “foot.” She says she wants a rematch and will stick her foot up AJ’s ass. Kaitlyn is next and her topic is “ignition.” Kaitlyn says she got some advice backstage to picture the audience in her underwear. She says some guy in the crowd in his underwear gets her ignition going. Punk says “Its funny, I’m actually not wearing pants and that’s how I watch NXT every single week… I’ve just got my gear on.” Matt decides AJ wins based on crowd reaction, going 2-2 for the week.
–    Verdict: Skip unless you’re just listening for Punk’s commentary

Match: Kelly Kelly, Naomi, and Jamie vs. LayCool and Kaitlyn
–    They plug the NXT replay on WWE.Com tomorrow night. It features running commentary by Joey Styles and I’d highly recommend just reading Joey Styles’ comments at some point. Cole buries the women, saying this match will be a highly technical masterpiece. Matthews says he just received a fan message saying Cole makes Mike Adamle sound like Gordon Solie. Layla mocks Jaime’s buff physique in the ring, so Jaime pushes her around. Fast forward a little and Kaitlyn hits a spear to which Michael Cole shouts “SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!” like Edge or Batista just hit their finisher in a world title match. McCool hits a Belly to Belly on Naomi and there is some confusion as she tries to tag in Kaitlyn to make the pin. Naomi kicks out then rolls up Kaitlyn for the quick victory. LayCool start screaming at Kaitlyn, so she shoves McCool. Layla grabs Kaitlyn’s foot, allowing McCool to kick Kaitlyn right in the face. Kaitlyn gets some tough love from LayCool and Vickie. Meanwhile, CM Punk promises to return to the commentary booth next week and signs off for the night on behalf of him and Cole, telling Josh to shut up.
–    Verdict:  Again, Skip unless you want to hear Punk’s commentary

Overall Verdict: If you’re DVRing NXT, especially NXT Season 3, you know what you’re in for. Women wrestlers will likely never draw like the men and the women that can wrestle aren’t featured. Still, that’s no reason to basically spend one hour on cable television taking a dump all over these girls, especially if the point of this show is to sell them to me as a viewer for future supporting cast roles on RAW and Smackdown. So far these Rookies have put on decent matches all things considered, and I’ve easily seen worse womens matches on RAW, Smackdown, and Impact over the years. I know Cole and Punk are partially playing gimmicks here, but I can’t help but think the women in the locker room backstage must feel so disrespected. At least Josh tries to take it seriously barring the stupid challenges that you just can’t take seriously.

If you want to hear CM Punk and Michael Cole crack jokes and disparage women’s wrestling, then stay because that alone is pretty entertaining in a sad sort of way. Otherwise, just skip the whole show. WWE doesn’t take NXT Season 3, the Divas, or the Rookies seriously, so why should you?