#notpg: Well this certainly isn’t a ‘PG’ place to hold a WWE event. The casino table theme on the Tron and slots graphics aren’t really the best message to send to your most cherished age group. On the other hand, no one ever accused WWE of being consistent with its message. Speaking of Sin City, Daniel Bryan is out and ranting about what Show did to AJ is a sin. Kind of a stretch but hey D-Bry is trying to become a heel, so gotta talk some crazy stuff. The crowd chants ‘You Suck’ at one point, so at least they’re catching on, unlike with Jericho. Of course since this is Bryan, Cole has to say something negative about him, no matter if it’s a heel or face comment. I wonder how Cole will react if Bryan becomes an annoying heel just like Cole himself.

#alwaysdashing: So they have the RAW roulette wheel for this Vegas Smackdown to decide match stipulations. Rhodes spins first and it lands on Player’s Choice, meaning he gets to pick the opponent. It turns out it was Hornswoggle and I’m sure alot of people immediately groaned, but were saved when Justin Gabriel came down to make the save. We even get some mic time from him! He hasn’t talked alot but he does have potential to be solid. A match between the two ensues and who knows? This could turn into an actual feud and anyone is better to feud against then Heath Slater. Cody picks up the victory and I hope this isn’t the last we see of these two in the ring.

#standardbearers: That’s what Epico & Primo are for the tag division since they now hold the titles. Then again, WWE doesn’t care about tag teams, so that doesn’t really mean much. The fact that The Usos are the only real ‘threat’ to the champs further proves that point. They put up a good fight against the champs in a Tornado Tag match but fail in the end. Now that AirBoom is finished, they need a new face team and Jimmy and Jey aren’t it until we see more from them. I don’t really see the tag scene improving much anytime soon. Developing chemistry as a team takes time, so WWE has a few choices. Throw together two guys already on the roster, bring up one from FCW or lure one away from another company. Motor City Machine Guns would be a good choice and could dominate quickly in the WWE tag division.

#planetfunk: I’m starting to like this new gimmick for Brodus Clay. It’s just so far out from what was epxtected, which I believe is a reason for its success. As long as people take it for what it is, entertainment, then there’s no problem. Clay himself seems to be really getting into this as well, adding little touches that bring out the character. The real test comes when he has to have a match that lasts longer then 30 seconds. Not tonight, since he has a dance-off with Vickie Guerrero. Excuse me while I cover my eyes. I did open them in time to see William Regal of all people come out to defend Vickie. That was random. All he gets for his trouble is a takedown from Clay who finally gets time on the mic, unlike a certain ‘sparkly’ wrestler who shall remain nameless. Though I do wonder why it was Regal that came out. Could it be the beginning of a feud? Or just a throwaway by  Creative?

#slobberknocker: That is what JR would call this Barrett-Sheamus Tables match if he were here, which he SHOULD be by the way. We’ll be seeing more punches and strikes instead of suplexes and throws. At least the action spills to the outside early on, which is how he should be since you can’t really get a table into the ring without exiting it first. I like how Cole mentioned that Sheamus won his first WWE title in a Tables match, as it adds some backstory, and gives people a reason to care about the match more then just two guys fighting. This might be Match of the Night since I’m sure we’ll have another inconclusive finish to the WHC match later on. There are plenty of teases where one man looks like he’s about to go through a table only to avoid it in the nick of time. Barrett is able to toss Sheamus  through a table set up in the corner, thanks of course to Jindar Mahal. At least he gets his when Sheamus slams him through another table.

#flagmatch: So what the hell is a Flag Match anyways? Is it like an Object on a Pole match with flags? Hunico and DiBiase are the ‘flagmen’ and have to retrieve their respective country’s flag. The whole concept seems a little forced since there’s a ton of light drama whenever one man is climbing for their flag with the other down and out. You just know the guy on the mat is gonna pop up at the last moment to foil the attempt. Ted pulls out the American flag for the victory and Hacksaw Jim Duggan is somewhere celebrating.

#4strikes: So Teddy actually shows a bit of backbone and straight out fires Drew McIntyre for his string of losses. However Santino wants a chance to prove his victory over Drew was no fluke, so I’m assuming this will be McIntyre’s actual ‘last’ chance. The wheel reveals it to be a blindfold match which suits a comedic character like Santino but not someone who we’re supposed to take seriously like Drew. Though Booker has put him in his Fave 5, so things are looking up for the Scotsman. Mr Cobra does show some smarts by using the crowd’s cheers to direct him towards McIntyre and it pays off by helping him pick up the win.

#lumberyard: The wheel has spun and decided that this WHC match will be a lumberjack match which favors Henry since I’m sure no one will be eager to toss Henry back in the ring. Of course you won’t be able to follow the action in the ring since Cole is continually spewing vitriol every 5 seconds. Hey what’s McIntyre doing out there? I thought he was fired when he lost? Bryan gets tossed out a few times and doesn’t like it one but, but hey the lumberjacks are just doing their jobs as Barrett so eloquently puts it to D-Bry. Then again everything Barrett says is eloquent. Playing up the David/Goliath angle, everytime Bryan starts to get some offense in, Henry responds with  some brutal retribution tossing the champ around the ring like a rag doll. It doesn’t help that Bryan starts a brawl with the lumerjacks on the outside. Though this does lead a few kicking Bryan in the corner of the ring while the rest deal with Henry who pushes them back as if they were nothing. That really sets them off as they all proceed to stomp mudholes on the World’s Strongest Man. Chaos breaks out as the lumberjacks brawl with each other and the champ takes the opportunity to slither out of the ring and to the back. Not so fast American Dragon as Teddy stops him and informs him that he’ll defend the title at the Royal Rumble against both Henry and Big Show inside a Steel Cage. That should give the slippery Bryan nowhere to run.