It has been a long season, but it all boils down to one race.  The final race will be run today in Homestead Florida and there are two drivers racing for it all.  With four wins since the start of The Chase, Tony Stewart has pulled within three points of leader Carl Edwards, who hasn’t won a race since the All-Star race in May and Las Vegas in March before that.  Carl has finished in the top five 18 times this season which has kept him in The Chase.  In practice this week, Carl has done exceptional qualifying with the pole position for the last race of the season while Tony Stewart will be back in 15th position.  But there is one thing we all know, it is a long race and there are bound to be multiple leaders before the day is over.

I am pulling for Tony to take the day and the championship.  I like Tony and I am happy to see his own team coming into its own only after a few seasons as Stewart-Haas Racing.  I have not figured out the numbers, but since he is only three points behind, he is going to have to finish several cars ahead of Carl to take the Championship.  Last week Carl finished in second and Tony in third and if Carl can stay ahead of Tony, he will solidify his first Championship.

It should be a great race today and the final one of the season…after the race I will be posting a wrap-up sometime during the week.  Please feel free to leave your comments.