Even Though she might look like the girl next door, Allison Moore is the curvy, busty, auburn-haired XXX star that has been making a name for herself in the Adult Film scene. In less than 3 years in the biz, she’s been featured in Foxx Magazine and UK’s Ravers DVD Magazine as well as shot over 200 scenes for her site, She has also worked with such choice studios as Evil Angel, Penthouse, Wicked, Adam & Eve, Hustler, Naughty America, Bang Bros., Reality Kings, Lethal Hardcore and PUBA. In 2013, she took on the role of Khloe Kardashian in Risque Films’ “Keeping Up With Kiara Mia” a XXX parody of E! Network’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, which is set for release later this year. 2013 has also brought her first industry nominations like X3Sixty’s Sex Awards for Sexiest Adult Star and Favorite Porn Star Website for her website. she has also had a guest spot on “Sons of Anarchy”

IMG_6751Now as much as I wanted the first question to be about how she got into adult films, I had to put that on hold in order to find out about the Swinger Reality show that pretty much was the starting point for her career. You see on the request of her partner at the time, Allison tried the whole swinging life site and ended up having some the footage put on a website. Now as she tells me…maybe it was because of the selection…she wasn’t really too into it. But that didn’t stop her when she and her partner were approached to take part in the reality show. Unfortunately, things fell through and the show was never released.

At this point, in her mind, if people were going to see her have sex with other people she might as well get paid for it. That lead to her submitting some material to a website and actually getting contacted by an “agent” who was less than on-the-up-and-up. That bad experience didn’t deter her, and now after nearly 3 years in the industry, she is at a place where her work is being recognized. It was in the talk about her career where I got to see why Allison was considered the girl next door when she first started. She is very modest, even when it comes to her nomination for having the Best Boobs at this year’s AVN. The first thing she says to me is, “Well to me , there are girls with much better boobs”. Not to say she doesn’t think they are nice, but she feels that there are better breast out there. Thankfully…her legion of fans don’t feel that way and they have until Jan. 17th to vote for her on the AVN Awards website.

And you would think that also being nominated for Jan. 24th’s XBIZ Awards for Best Scene–Vignette Release for her with Bill Bailey in Naughty America’s “Housewife 1 on 1 Volume 28″ would be enough to change her thoughts. But if as on cue she tells…There are much better scenes. That in itself caught me off guard because I thought that she would be sure of the fact that she earned that nomination. But then again…that is part of her charm. She doesn’t do it to be recognized, she does it because she wants to. Now in saying that…she does show pride in the fact that people are taking notice of the work that she has put in.  And my…has she put in work.

In her late twenties, Allison has be transitioned into the MILF and Cougar realms of the industry, even though she feels that she isn’t old enough to be a Cougar. By porn standards she is. By mean…she is a beautiful girl who in June decided to get a head start for awards day by shopping for her dresses. That’s right…dresses. Rather some people want to admit it or not, the red carpet at events like the AVNs are almost, if not as, star studded as any main stream awards event.Jessy Jane '10

Now if getting nominated for awards wasn’t enough, Allison is also a “featured dancer”, a job that she loves because it allows her the chance to travel and see the country and take in it’s history and sights. This also is a great way of getting her name out there and meeting the fans, which is why she also does signings. Signings like the one she will be doing for Forbidden Fruit Films, Exquisite Films and ATMLA (her talent agency) at AEE on Jan 15-18 at the Hard Rock in LA. For a modest person she still understands the importance of getting out their and connecting with the fans.

One of the other ways she connects with her fan base is through her show on XXX Pornstar Radio show, Cocktails with Allison & Jenna. Her co-host Jenna J Ross was originally a guest host on the show and once a spot opened for a permanent co host she was offered the spot. Now I don’t know about you, but if I could drink and interview industry stars on my own show, with a good looking co host, I’d be in heaven. Now this isn’t the only show that Allison has in the works, but certain things have to fall into place before that project can move forward.

About her guest spot on the hit show, “Sons of Anarchy”, she explains that when they are looking for people to play hookers, dancers and thing like that, who can give a better experience then a actual pornstar or dancer. Her first time meeting Charlie Hunnam, she didn’t realize he was British, which lead to a moment where he had to explain that he couldn’t have a British accent and be from California  and a leader of a motorcycle club. Fans of Allison’s work in the adult industry shouldn’t worry about her abandoning the medium; her foray into mainstream television doesn’t mean she is about to go make an exodus anytime soon, but she isn’t going to avoid doing guest spots here and there.

Her current releases are “No Swallowing Allowed #17” from Diabolic Video and “My Friend’s Hot Girl Volume 8” from Naughty America. Allison enjoys working with both companies, Naughty America because they have directors that she loves working with, and with Diabolic, she loves the way she’s treated, which is good because she said she almost feels like a contract girl with Diabolic because she does so much work with them. With the work she has put in when she does her scenes, especially her girl on girl work, it’s easy to see why they’d want to work with her.


Working with men in some scenes and women in others, Allison likes the change of pace it provides, and the opportunity to express different sides of her nature. Though she certainly agrees that the roles can be reversed, she finds a trend in working gender-specific scenes. When working with male talent, things often get rough, which many people enjoy seeing when watching “boy/girl” porn. But when she does a scene with female, Allison says it allows her to get in touch with that “soft and sensual side” when showing off that version of passionate relationships.

I think it was when we got to how adult films affects personal and love lives, that I gained a whole new respect for how Allison thinks. One of the things we talked about is what people think…compared to what they understand about dating a adult film star. Of course there is that excitement of dating the person that you see in adult films. And after that thrill wears off, you are left with a person that has sex for money. Not everybody can handle being with a person who does that. It’s a hard thing dealing with the fact you have to share your love with other people. She says she has lost friends due to her choices but he is happy that her real friends have stuck by her and that makes her happy. I think people need to realize that when it is all said and done, Adult Films is a job and at the end of the days the stars are normal people who seek love and don’t want to be lonely. It was refreshing to hear her views on the subject. while she understands that her job puts anyone that she maybe with in a tough situation, she will not allow it to be the reason you bring her down. You knew what it was when you got together, if it is something that you can’t handle, leave before things get too deep.

allison-moore-xxx-189560_thumb_585x795As we started to wrap things up in the interview I asked if she had any other projects that the fans should be on the look out for. And of course she brought up her role as Khloe Kardashian in Risque Films’ “Keeping Up With Kiara Mia” a XXX parody of E! Network’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. The film features her first Interracial Scene with the infamous Lexington Steele. She talked about her fan moment when she found out that she would be doing a scene with Lex, who she confirms has a long “reason” for being one of the male talents women like to work with. She also explains since she really didn’t know Lex, it was easy for her to get into her role and see Lex as Lamar. She also told me, sometimes if you know the person that you are working with, you have to practice with them in order to see them as who their playing as and not who you know them as.

After wrapping up the interview I can see why people like working with her and why the fans love her. Allison is very personable and friendly. A very down to earth girl who is still enjoying what life brings to her. She is definitely someone I would love to interview again. Now to all the fans that want to join her website go to, which is part of the XXX Fast Pass Network. If you want to keep up with Allison’s adventures…

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