164612_520524994673125_1304422887_nSheik has been Cosplaying since 2007. She started out with the help of her mother and then moved on to making her own costumes. She almost always make her own props, style her own wigs and sew up her own costumes using patterns she somehow comes up with! She loves video game & Cosplay.

When she isn’t Cosplaying she is a teacher at a Private Christian Preschool. Her favorite part of Cosplaying is being the character that she loves and meeting others who share her hobby. She likes to think she is very nice and friendly. She is a Christian as well and understand it’s kind of hard to be one in this community because of some issues that arise but she is here to prove that Christians can be loving and have fun.

Mr. Incredible: So how did you first get into Cosplaying?

SheikChan: Well, when I was 17 I attended my first convention. It was Anime Expo 2006. I never thought I would be able to attend one so I was really excited when I finally did. It was so neat seeing people walking around as my favorite characters so much so that on the ride home I discussed with my friend how badly I wanted to cosplay. After that my mom taught me the basics of sewing and I went from there!10330320_746764045382551_1129877524181924619_n

Mr. Incredible: Do you remember the first Cosplay that you did?

SheikChan: Yes! It was Flonne from Disgaea 2. I mainly chose her because she was cute and my friend wanted to be Etna (from the same game.) I only helped prepare it for sewing, my mom did the rest.

Mr. Incredible: For people who don’t know how hard is it to create a Cosplay?

SheikChan: It can be kind of simple but it can also be super challenging. It all depends on what character you choose and the difficulty of their outfit. It can be tough on your hands and your wallet. Haha. I’d say figuring out how to get something that is 2-D and find materials to make it become 3-D can be the challenging part but with all the tutorials and materials we have these days it’s becoming more fun than difficult.

Mr. Incredible: Why do you mainly do Video Game Cosplay?

SheikChan: Mainly because I play more video games than I do watch anime or read comics/manga. I grow attached to the characters in the games I play and almost always want to Cosplay as them.

Mr. Incredible: What have been some of your fav. Cosplays?

SheikChan: Ah, I’d have to say Kai from Heavenly Sword, Princess Agitha from Zelda: Twilight Princess and Gaige from Borderlands 2.

Mr. Incredible: Who are Cosplayers that you enjoy seeing? Oh man, there are so many Cosplayers I look up to! I’d have to say Kamui, because of her awesome worbla skills, Li Kovacs (Who use to go by PikminLink) because she IS Link in human form, Anti Ai-chan who is a friend of mine but I just still fangirl over all of her work, CharmieSweets because she really made me feel good about myself the first time I met her in person…and Lyz Brickley, who is completely adorable!

Mr. Incredible: How do you feel about the issues of Cosplay Bullying and Harassment?

SheikChan: This really bothers me. When I started cosplaying it wasn’t as big of a problem but now that Cosplay is more in the spotlight there are many others trying to bring it down. I do not tolerate anytype of harassment and I will complain if need be. I think Cosplaying should just be something people enjoy and have fun with. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what your skill level is…it’s a fun dress-up hobby and I see no reason why negativity should be in the cosplay community! I’ve been a victim of bullying when a photo of my friends and I was posted on the official Borderlands page. We were picked on so badly that I didn’t keep up with the comments anymore. It doesn’t stop me from cosplay. All I do now is let others know that it can happen but it should not discourage us from doing what we love.


Mr. Incredible: How do you feel about the reaction you get for the work that you have put into Cosplaying?

SheikChan: I’m surprised at times! I won’t lie, it does feel good to be complimented. I don’t feel they are complimenting me as a person(unless they state otherwise) but that they’re appreciating my work. I feel accomplished and proud of what I’ve done and I think that’s a good thing to feel. Sometimes all I see are flaws but others seem to see past them.

Mr. Incredible: Can you tell us a bit about Paper Sword Party?

SheikChan: Yes! That is the cosplay group I am in. We all started off as just friends and once two of us started to cosplay the rest joined as well. We do panels for local conventions and often to do group cosplays meaning we all cosplay from the same series. We’ve also entered in competitions doing skits at bigger conventions like Fanime in San Jose, CA. It’s nice to have a group where you can do what you love together.

Mr. Incredible: How hard is it to be Christian in Cosplay?555825_406357216089904_1500175088_n

SheikChan: Eh, it’s not too different from being Christian in general these days. There are times I may be looked down on because others assume I automatically will be like the judgemental Christians that protest cosplay or whatever. I’m not that way and I don’t think God hates anyone. I like to show others that I am choosing to love and use cosplay as a positive aspect in my life! My parents raised me this way and are both proud of my Cosplay work. I may not always agree with how some people are in the community and I don’t cosplay as certain characters I am uncomfortable with but I also don’t tell people what I think they should or shouldn’t do with their cosplay. This is my choice of belief and I am quite happy with it.

Mr. Incredible: What are some of your fav. games to play?

SheikChan: I’d have to say Skyrim, Borderlands 2 and Minecraft as of this past year….

Mr. Incredible: What animes are you watching right now?

SheikChan: Nagi no Asukara, Love Live and the new Sailor Moon Crystal.

Mr. Incredible: Does being able to draw help you out when it comes to designing the pieces you want to create?

SheikChan: Yes! It definitely does help. I am able to draw out parts of the costume to help me understand the construction it will take to make it. I also use it to make patterns for sewing projects. I’ve even made original character costumes based off my own designs. It’s really fun. I should probably do it more…

Mr. Incredible: Well thank you for taking time out to answer a few questions. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

SheikChan: Aw well thank you too! I say if you want to cosplay then do it! Have fun. Also, always show love and respect to others! The Cosplay community should be about fun and enjoying our hobby with each other.

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