What do you get when you put the movie Shawshank Redemption within the confines of Arkham Asylum?  Hilarity.  If you don’t know what Shawshank Redemption is, stop reading this and go rent the movie.  Actually, just buy it, because it’s that good.  Arkham Asylum is an easy reference to explain:  it’s the asylum where Batman’s enemies end up instead of prison, as they’re all insane.

Robot Chicken on Adult Swim is awesome, and this is now a classic.  Enjoy… but the dialogue is NSFW.  Unless “shit” is acceptable at work.  (It is here at GuysNation.) Then by all means, crank the speakers.

Just a parting shot regarding one of the reasons why I enjoyed this spoof.  They went the extra mile to make the inmates some of the other Batman villains.  Nice work, Robot Chicken!

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