When the October 12th weekend hits, one of the films that needs to be near the top of your list to see in the theater is Seven Psychopaths. It’s got an awesome quirky premise, an incredible cast and a writer whose prior work was great.

Dog kidnappers who “borrow” peoples pets and return them to them for reward money, but they happen to take a dog that belongs to a gun-wielding maniac? Such a bizarre premise that could be highly entertaining with the right cast…

Oh, right, they’ve got that.

Woody Harrelson has always been great, but the past few years he’s been lauded for a huge variety of projects, ranging from Zombie killer, gay best friend, washed up celebrity survivalist amongst other things.

Christopher Walken? Bad ass. When he’s in a role where he’s supposed to be dangerous and slightly unhinged, he’s at his best.

Sam Rockwell is one of the most under-rated performers of our generation.

Colin Farrell can be a mixed bag, but if you saw his IN BRUGES performance, you have a pretty good idea what to expect here.

Right, because Martin McDonagh, who wrote and directed Seven Psychopaths, also did the same for IN BRUGES – which, if you haven’t seen it, should be on your “to do” list between now and October 12th. Because if you don’t see it before you see Seven Psychopaths, you’re going to want to see it after.

Seven Psychopaths

And if you need some lovely ladies in the cast? I’m thinking Abbie Cornish and Olga Kurylenko are going to fit that need quite well.

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