The Notourious P.A.W.G.

Hello fans, once again this is Mr. Incredible…Guynation’s international jack of all trades. This time around I wanted to do something different and bring you and interview with Ms. PAWG herself and one of my fav. porn stars, Sara Jay. Who you can all go check out at her page or check out her twitter at With that being said let me explain to you the reason why I am interviewing Sara Jay. As much as I want to say it is because of the insane work that she does in the adult film industry…it is for something else.

On January 5th, 2011 in the morning, 21-year-old model and adult actress Kimora Klein was in a multiple vehicle collision in a
Miami, FL intersection. Her injuries include multiple hip, pelvic, jaw and rib fractures, perforated liver, and a punctured, collapsed lung. Now I recently just came to find out about Kimora as she was posting on her own web site,, about moving in with Sara Jay. I personally thought that would be cool because from the few chances I have talked to Sara Jay on Twitter she seems to be a cool and down to earth person.

Now the reason I’ve brought Sara Jay to Guysnation. We post a lot of stuff here about many things. I know a lot of my friends view the few posts that I’ve done and have shown their friend. With my Birthday being Feb 22nd. I wanted to do something good for my birthday month and have decided to use what little buzz I have online to help Sara Jay and friends to help Kimora. And in doing so Sara Jay kindly agreed to do this interview. Alright let me get right to it then.

First off Sara, thank you for taking time out of your busy work and personal life to do this interview with me for for those who may not be too familiar with you I just want to quickly talk about your career and then move on to the matter at hand if you don’t mind.

So how long have you been involved in the Adult film Industry?

Sara Jay: Coming up on 11 years

How did you first get started?

Sara Jay: I sent in naked pictures to whoever I could fond that was affiliated with the porn Industry, until someone hired me. Then it just snowballed…

Now from what I’ve seen on twitter, alot of you actors and actress seem to have friendships outside of the scenes you do. Does that tend to make things easier for you while you are making your moves inside the industry?

Sara Jay: No, I don’t feel like it effects our jobs too much. I mean, the type of industry that we are in you have to be 100% comfortable in many odd or awkward situations. I feel the friendship that we have developed outside of work have actually strengthened my support system and enriched my life. It is hard being in this industry with so much media negativity and overinflated morality. We need each other in our lives. Someone to relate to, someone who understands, and even someone to talk about work to.

I’ve noticed you and your site has been nominated for some awards. Do you mind telling the readers about the awards that you have been up for and those that you have one?

Sara Jay: My site was nominated by AVN as Best Pornstar website and by Xbiz as Best MILF website. Neither of which I won. I was also nominated 2 years in a row for Best Interracial Star and I won in 2009.

Now how did you come to know Kimora Klein? Was it through work or did you two meeting outside of work?

Sara Jay: Kimora and I actually met on Twitter. We had mutual friends and our friendship just seemed natural.

Did she inform you of her former living arrangement and that’s why you offered to have her move in with you or did you see her talking about and decided to do something nice?

Sara Jay: She told me about living with her parents and they found out about the porn. At the same time my roommate had moved to Hawaii. So I had space. I offered her a chance to escape the confines of her parents and be able to continue in the adult industry.

Now I know alot of people would think that two porn stars living with each other would mean wild sex and parties, but was it really like that?

Sara Jay: Well…..yea. It is. I don’t think it has much to do with Kimora or our industry. She is more conservative than myself. I have wild sex and parties all the time. Which often keeps her awake and is the source of any roommate issues. But, I may have involved Kimora in an exploit or two…lol

Where were you when you found out that she had been in a accident?

Sara Jay: I was in our loft relaxing with some friends.

Is there any estimate on how long she will have to go through rehab?

Sara Jay: No, not really. I have gotten several answers. There is really no way to be certain. With that many injuries you just have to take it day by day.

On the, I’ve noticed that you, Alexis Golden, Vette Nation army, National Net and Kougar Mountain are involved with the site. Are there any other porn stars and people in general involved in helping Kimora with the funding needed for her medical bills?

Sara Jay: Yes! We have had offers from many stars to assist in anything that is needed. Angelina Castro, Lisa Ann, Cameron Keys, and many many others have reached out. They are donating merchandise to be given away to those who donate over 100. We are also having a benefit 4/8 at Miami Velvet. Details will be on the Help Kimora site.

Will there be any events planned to help raise funds or will you be doing anything on your site to help with the cause?

Sara Jay: We are also working on a second fundraiser that will be in NYC. Details TBA

Is there an email address for those who would like to send Kimora get well wishes and messages?

Sara Jay: You can contact Kimora at Or twitter at Twitter is better right now, because she can do it from her phone. She can’t gave her laptop on her lap yet due to a large metal bar that is holding her hips together as they heal.

I think that covers everything that I wanted to asked in this interview. Is their anything else you would like to say to the people reading this?

Sara Jay: I just want to say thanks to all those people offering to help and give without a second thought. Kimora is in a terrible position and needs all the help she can get. Thank you all!

And thank you Ms. Jay for taking time out to have this interview with me. Now for all my readers, sometimes it isn’t about what a person does for a living but what they do while living. Let’s look past the fact that both women are adult film stars and look at it as one friend trying to help another in need. Maybe you don’t want to donate, but you want to send your well wishes…do so. Maybe you actually do want to send something to help out…go right ahead. Maybe you don’t want to do anything, but know someone who would…show it to all that may be interested. But no matter what do something. Let’s show Sara Jay and Kimora that Guysnation is more then just a site where we hang out and talk. But at times is a place where we come together for a cause to help others. Thank you readers for taking time out to read this.