Since I wrote my last article for GuysNation alot has happened in the wrestling media world, mainly the official announcement of the WWE Network something I’ll be writing about in the near future. In my last article I wrote about what WWE offically has planned for DVD release in 2014, this and the next couple articles are going to look at what has been rumored since WWE sent out a couple surveys to fans in October of last year. Before we get to that though another one of those rumors has been confirmed so lets start there.



Best of Wrestling Factions: This has been announced for a May release and will focus on the long standing tradition of groups in wrestling. We can expect NWO, Four Horsemen, DX, and Evolution to be featured heavily. I hope to see classic manager stables like the Heenan Family featured as well. I’d also expect to see some of the group feuds featured liek NWO vs. Horsemen, Freebirds vs. Von Erichs, Dungeon of Doom vs. Horsmen, The Alliance WCW/ECW vs. WWF, and DX vs. Nation of Domination. I’ve always been a fan of groups in wrestling and I’m looking forward to this, hopefully we’ll also get a highlight package of some of the short lived factions as well.


Now on to the rumors the following sets were listed on the survey, but are not confirmed. We start in Texas.



Best of WCCW: World Class Championship Wrestling was based in Texas but was on ESPN in it’s early days and in international syndication. WWE have released 1 set on WCCW already with a good documentary, and there in another amazing documentary about WCCW out there released shortly before WWE bought the library. WCCW is known for the Von Erich/Freebirds feud and had special appearance by the NWA Champion usually Flair or Race. What not everyone knows is some of WWE’s biggest names including Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Steve Austin and Undertaker made appearances early in their carrer in WCCW. The thing is that the WCCW library is split into two parts, WWE owns everything up until around 1988 I believe. There is plenty of great matches that can go on this set, but i’d love to see WWE get a hold of the rest of the library to put some WCCW matches out there that probably haven’t been seen since they aired outside i couple of budget dvds sold online awhile back. Next up is a visionary.



Paul Heymen (biography): This is one of the most anticipated releases on the list for me. Matches would include people Heyman has managed which a partial list includes Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Rick Rude, Larry Zybysko, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and more. I loved the Dangerous Alliance and while everyone knows about ECW, Heyman is so much more than ECW. This documentary would highlight his entire carrer and hopefully including extras of his great mic work.


macho man2
Macho Man Randy Savage: There is already one Macho Man set released, but there is so much more great stuff out there. SI”d love to see a documentary of Savage’s carreer with interviews from guys like CM Punk that Macho inspired, and guys like DDP, and Jake Roberts that had great feuds with him. Hopefully we will also see a Hall of Fame induction this year as well though there are many stories on why we may or may not see it, including Savage supposedly wanted to be inducted with his father and brother. I think money will talk as usual and Savage will be inducted by himself or possibly with Miss Elizabeth as I would hope, and Lanny will probably acccept the award for his brother.
The next 3 I’m going to toss together.

Chris Jericho, Batista, and Rey Mysterio Jr.: All 3 of these guys have had at least one multiple disc set, but there are still plenty of good matches out there. With Batista returning at the Rumble I beleive we will see another set once he gets a few return matches under his belt so they can feature new and old. Jericho and Rey are always good money makers. I think Rey has a single dvd and two 3 dvd sets so alot of his matches are out there hopeffully this would dig deep and feature unrelased material as his newer stuff hasn’t really been to great the more surgeries he has. Jericho on the other hand is still awesome, but I’d wait until his next eventually short term return to release a new dvd. The next person almost fit into this catagory.
Best of Rob Van Dam: RVD had a single disc release a few years back, but he has plenty to fill a multi-disc set. He’s held various titles in ECW and WWE, his high flying and extreme style is great for replay value. This isn’t really a set I would purchase, but I think it would sell well.



Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan was featured in the single disc superstar series, but with his built in fanbase and great matches a 3 disc set is a no brainer. His matches with Cena and Punk have been great and there is so much more. The fans love the bearded wonder and there will be plenty more matches for a second set a few years down the road. Now is definitely the time for this.


Class of 96 (Rock & Stone Cold feud) – While I always prefered Stunning Steve over Stone Cold and never really cared for The Rock there is no denying they are two of WWE’s biggest stars. This would follow in the foot steps of the greastest rivalries series that started with Bret and Shawn. It would have a documentary covering the feud, and be filled with their matches. Here’s hoping if this is done we get a long sit down interview with the two in the same room liek the Bret Shawn release. The final entry on this list is one I’d definitely buy.


Rhodes Family (Dusty, Dustin/Goldust, Cody) – Dusty Rhodes has had a 3 disc set, Golddust/Dustin Rhodes could fill his own set, and Cody could probably fill his own set, but I’m not sure how well it would sell on it’s own. I’m a fan of all three and with a documentary on the Rhodes family included this would be a definite bug. Give each one a disc worth of matches, through some unrelased matches or promos that didnt make the cut for Dusty’s first set. If there is any con here is that tossing Golddust in here might stop us from getting a solo set. Dustin Rhodes has been a favorite of mine since his early days in WCW and I love how he has evolved and stepped out of Dusty’s shadow, but learned to embrace the family. Many don’t see Cody as a world champion, but even if he never gets the world title I think he will be a company man and put on quite a few great matches over the next few years.
Next time we look at a line of budget DVDs, a single disc with a suggested price of $9.99. WWE has done this in the past featuring certain wrestlers they were trying to give a push. This time it looks like they will be looking more into their past which I think will also lead into things for the WWE Network.