What’s more fun than watching the Royal Rumble? How about if you had a stake in one or two of the competitors winning? It works for things like the Super Bowl, and it’s a growing trend that people have started doing for the pay per view which starts the Road To WrestleMania.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

* We find people who are interested and list them out here on this page.

* Once we reach the deadline of Saturday morning, we’ll finalize the list of names.

* There are 30 entrant spots for the Royal Rumble, and these spots will be evenly divided among the people who sign up. If we get 30 people joining up, each will get one entrant spot randomly assigned to them. If we get 15 people, each will get two spots randomly assigned to them. So on and so forth. I will list these assigned numbers to people when they are assigned on Saturday.

* Whoever wins the Royal Rumble will determine who wins the GuysNation Wrestling Royal Rumble Pool. More accurately, the ENTRY POSITION number of the person who wins the Royal Rumble will determine who wins the pool. For exsample, if you are assigned #5 and #12 and Batista wins the Royal Rumble after having entered as the 12th entrant, then you win the pool. ALSO, you’re a winner if your entrant has the most eliminations in this year’s Royal Rumble.

What do you win? Nothing this year, unless we can land some sponsors between now and then. But we will find another way to reward you for the win.

Official Entrants in the GuysNation Wrestling Royal Rumble Pool (and entries)

  • GNWP Host Jon {entrants 3 and 30}
  • GNWP Co-Host Rob (me) {entrants 7 and 26}
  • J-Day {entrants 20 and 28}
  • MJ {entrants 5 and 27}
  • Drew {entrants 14 and 25}
  • TheSilentCritics {entrants 13 and 18}
  • HEELWrestling {entrants 4 and 29}
  • Graham Matthews {entrants 10 and 22}
  • RookieDMC {entrants 12 and 23}
  • Patterson {entrants 2 and 11}
  • Cassidy Haynes {entrants 6 and 19}
  • AnotherIWCJerk James {entrants 1 and 16}
  • Nathan from GuysNation {entrants 15 and 24}
  • Sir Hayes XIV {entrants 8 and 21}
  • [Mystery Man] {entrants 9 and 17}

Saturday, once the entrant numbers are randomly assigned, people will be contacted and numbers will be posted here! UPDATE: THEY’RE HERE!