Rusev – 25:1

Whether he’d be joining up with The Authority or whether there’d be some sort of alliance between Triple H and The League Of Nations, Rusev is a good option to put up against Roman Reigns. The main thing dropping his odds down this far is that he and Lana messed up a running storyline by publicly announcing their engagement, and based on the fact that she’s not on television at all, you can tell that WWE is still not super pleased with them.

Dolph Ziggler – 20:1

Yes, Ziggler has held the belt before, and if Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns both got injured, he’s probably the next babyface to take the main spot given all the other injuries. He’s a great heel and could be sold as being a major sellout if he were to join up with The Authority, a role he would thrive in, but at this point, I don’t think WWE is that desperate.

The Undertaker – 18:1

He’s around for two or three months every year, so why not have him show up and win the belt and then force someone to try to succeed where so many others have failed, setting up a huge match for WrestleMania? I doubt he has more than a couple matches in him, and I don’t think a second competitor will defeat him at WrestleMania, so I’ll be surprised if this happens. Yet, he’s a legend who certainly has enough in him to make it work, and it would be a big surprise which the past few Royal Rumble matches have lacked.


Daniel Bryan – 15:1

The fans haven’t largely latched onto Roman Reigns like WWE seems to hope they will, and now that Daniel Bryan is supposedly cleared by most doctors (if not WWE’s), bring him back and have him win the Rumble like the fans were begging for a couple years ago. If a huge shock is what the WWE wants, and to give Bryan a reduced schedule, they could easily have him play the role of The Authority’s chosen one and turn heel on the fans.

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