I’m sure there is a significant portion of the population who doesn’t know who “The Fonz” was, having never seen “Happy Days” – one of the best television shows of all time, but they’re about to get a good opportunity to see what Henry Winkler is capable of on USA Network’s “Royal Pains”.

If you haven’t been watching “Royal Pains” (or “HankMed” as some people call it), you’ll want to give it a shot.  It’s about a highly-skilled doctor who makes a judgment call involving the wrong patient and he ends up losing his job over it (sorry if I ruined the first part of the pilot for you, but it’s part of the show’s premise), and he goes to The Hamptons with his brother and they stumble into an opportunity to be a private medical service to some of the richest individuals in the country.  (The show does have another side to it, including a love interest and other reasons to watch, it’s not just “House” for rich people.)

According to TVSquad.com, Winkler will play the father of the two main characters, who just happens to be a Con Man who will have to answer for some things which happened while he was “off camera” the end of last season.  I won’t get into the details because I’m assuming that a lot of people didn’t see the entire first season of the show, but I will say that I think this is a great role for Henry Winkler, who seems to do his best work when he’s got a role which requires him to be serious AND comedic.

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