I don’t know how widespread the distribution is for these Route 11 Potato Chips, but they’re made in a town about a 90 minute drive from here (in a place I actually visit a few times a year), so the stores around here often have the Route 11 brand.  It should come as no surprise that I went for the barbeque option, which is where I’d predict most guys would start.  (Original, you say?  BAH!  NO CHANCE!)

This was my first time trying the Barbeque option, but definitely not the last.

The flames on the bag made me think that the flavor might have a little spicy kick to it, but that was false.

Basically it just tastes like something grilled.  There’s not much of any saucy taste to it.  It’s a good flavor, to be sure, but it’s more “smokey” than anything.  Maybe a little sugar on it, which is a definite PLUS on any barbeque chips (as you’ll see in other BBQ chip snack reviews I’ll do later).


I’m going to have to perfect my ratings scale, but for now I’ll just say that I liked them enough to eat them again, but they’re only just above average.  Definitely a distinct taste that I think I could pick out in a blind taste test, even against other barbeque options.

Give it a try.