Here are some quick news and notes from around the NFL.

The biggest story of the moment is obviously the news that Ben Roethlisberger has been dealt a conditional 6 game suspension by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Pending Roethlisberger’s personal conduct between now and the first couple weeks of the season and a comprehensive character evaluation by league-chosen evaluators, the suspension could be reduced to 4 games, or increased to 8 games, leaving Pittsburgh without their Super Bowl winning quarterback for half the season.  While Big Ben wasn’t convicted of any crimes, it’s interesting to see Roger Goodell slap some punishment down on players’ conduct.  If Roethlisberger actually sexually assaulted the women who have accused him thus far, that would be terrible and certainly worthy of a significant suspension, but questions arise as to how fair it is for his suspension over something which was not even proven.  Obviously Big Ben needs to change his habits, as he has shown a propensity for putting himself into terrible situations with very questionable judgment, but I’d be willing to bet that other NFL players are conducting themselves in a more reprehensible manner, but yet their stories don’t hit the news.  What this suspension shows is that player conduct, decidedly illegal in a court of law or convicted in a court of public opinion, will be considered when Roger Goodell chooses who may take the field in the NFL.   Word is that the Steelers have increased their efforts to trade Ben Roethlisberger, with the St. Louis Rams being talked about heavily by numerous sources, possibly to include the first overall pick.  If I were the Steelers, I would seriously consider shipping him elsewhere, as he’s gone for a quarter of the season anyway, and his judgment over the past few years is questionable at best, including not only the accusations he’s garnered regarding sexual assault, but also pertaining to the riding of motorcycles without a helmet.

Elsewhere in the league, two big veteran free agent signings occurred recently.

Long-time Miami Dolphin (and short-term Washington Redskin) Jason Taylor has signed with the New York Jets to join an increasingly formidable squad under Rex Ryan.  They should be poised to make another deep run into the playoffs this year.

Also in the AFC East, the New England Patriots signed Hall of Fame quality wide receiver Torry Holt, who recently played for the Jacksonville Jaguars after great years spent with the St. Louis Rams.  I don’t know how anyone – the New York Jets and their pair of Pro Bowl cornerbacks – would even start to think about how to cover Holt, Randy Moss and Wes Welker in a three-man set.  It’s a scary, scary thought.  If Tom Brady is healthy, he might have another record-setting year for any / all of the passing statistical categories.