Rich Rodriguez came from West Virginia University and brought the spread offense to the University of Michigan.  When it didn’t help the Wolverines win as many football games as they had hoped, the decision was made to part ways with the head coach.

With the hire of Brady Hoke, a former assistant coach with the football team who is coming from San Diego State to coach the Wolverines, the University of Michigan is certainly not going to change its mind about bringing back Rodriguez.  Because he has no intentions of being a coordinator for the football team, Rodriguez decided to be charitable during his departure from Michigan.  He has reportedly donated all of his Michigan Wolverines apparel to the Salvation Army.  The 12 bags he donated contained over 400 items, and through auction and regular sale, the Salvation Army reportedly netted $13,000 from Rodriguez’s charitable gift.

There’s no word as of yet where Rich Rodriguez will find his next coaching job, but the gesture he made upon leaving Ann Arbor was classy.