With just under 2 weeks until the 900th episode of Raw we continue the road to Raw 900 by taking another look back at how we got this far. This time we take a look an infamous incident that took place in 1996 involving the “loose cannon” Brian Pillman.

On the October 28th, 1996 episode of Raw they announced that next week they would have an interview live at the house of the injured Brian Pillman. Steve Austin cut a promo that he would be there to kick Pillman’s ass. The following week we get the interview and Pillman is on the couch with his wife Melanie. He pulls out a gun and says when Austin 3:16 meets his glock he will get blown straight to hell. We see Austin walking around outside the house trying to find a way in while inside crazy Pillman sits with his gun. Austin then smashes in the window in the back door and reaches in to unlock it. Austin comes in and starts to charge towwards Pillman when he sees Pillman holding the gun and the video goes to static.

When we return a bunch of people  trying to hol d Pillman down. Vince is asking the interviewer if they know where Austin is and Austin reappears trying to go after Pillman but some of the people that were holding Pillman down hold Austin back.

Austin mentions on the Pillman DVD that he saw some WCW wrestlers at the airport the next day since WWE and WCW had both had shows in the area and that the WCW guys were shocked about the segment. Okerlund and Bischoff say that the segment may have been pushing things too far. The TV executives told WWE not to do segments likr that in the future. In what is normally seen as a cartoon environment this segment was just a little too realistic for a lot of people and got a lot of negative press, but it also got a lot of people attention.

We jump ahead almost a year to June 16,1997 on Raw. Pillman is back from his injury and looking to get revenge

Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman 6-16-97
We start with both men in the ring and Austin delivers a series of punches and an atomic drop.  Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, and British Bulldog are handcuffed to at ringside to separate ringposts, to try and stop them from interfering. Pillman delivers  series of chops before Austin goes old school and hits the stun gun, which was his finisher in WCW. Austin delivers some more punches. Crazy Pillman tries to get Austin to shake his hand and Austin does and then kicks him. Austin continues  to work over Pillman launching Pillman off the top turnbuckle and crotching him on the ropes.  Austin attacks  the hand cuffed Bulldog and then Neidhart.  He attacks Owen but Pillman comes up from behind and chokes him with a cable.

Pillman throws Austin into the steps and now back in the ring Pillman appears to have a broken nose.  Austin hits a low blow on Pillman as Vince discusses the gun incident but says they can’t re-show it.  Pillman has a headlock on Austin and they show a close up of blood dripping from Pillman’s face. Pillman rubs some of his blood in Austin’s face, Stone Cold makes a come back punching and kicking. Austin then hits the ref with a stunner.  Pillman with a low blow on Austin and he now has a set of brass knuckles and flattens Austin with it and only gets a 2 count. Owen gets the cuff key from the fallen ref and sets the Hart Foundation free and they all attack Austin before Golddust, Mankind, and Ken Shamrock make the save. Austin goes to stun shamrock but gets a belly to belly suplex and they start trading punches until Legion of Doom comes out to split them up. Golddust then gets on the mic and explains how they have to be a team to take down the Hart Foundation. This sets up the 10 man tag at the Calgary Stampede PPV.

I’ve always enjoyed Pillman from his Flyin’ Brian day all the way through to his “Loose Cannon” Days. This segment and match show one of the things I always loved about Pillman, and that was the fact that he always wanted to push things to the next level. It didn’t matter if it was fast paced high flying crusierweight action, or the craziness of seeing how far you can push the envelope even going as far as to work the other wrestlers and sometimes even the people in the office into beleiving the story. Pillman was the master of the worked shoot angles, and he died way too young. If your a fan of his work I highly recommend the Loose Cannon DVD released by WWE as it covers his cruiser days, the Hollywood Blondes, ECW and WWE.