With the impending Free Agency period coming up, the Washington Redskins cut 10 players, meaning they’re likely to make a big splash in bringing in new players.

Here are my thoughts on the 10 players leaving town:

Antwaan Randle El – Any time he caught the ball, he seemed to get a first down, but that’s not exactly why he was brought to D.C.  That purpose was to make big plays – not just as a wide receiver, but as a punt returner.  As anyone who watched a Redskins game in the past two years (aside from Jim Zorn) can tell you, Randle El didn’t do ANYTHING for special teams.  He had a knack for picking up first downs, so I’m not totally psyched to see him leave… but I’m glad he’s gone, considering the salary he was owed and the young WR the Redskins have.

Cornelius Griffin – As an aging veteran, the writing was on the wall for this roster move, but I am sad to see him go.  He’s not a superstar, but he’s a good player who seemingly has a good work ethic.  I don’t know how many more years he has in the league, and if the Redskins are moving to a 3-4 defense, they likely wouldn’t have used him much, unless Haynesworth gets injured, in which case this could be a regrettable move if the young DT backups don’t work out as well as people are likely hoping.

Randy Thomas – I don’t know the salary situation for Randy Thomas, but I guess that might be a reason to let him go.  He’s seemingly hurt a lot, making it tough to rely on him to stay healthy.  He could’ve been a good backup if he would’ve restructured his contract to take less money in future seasons.  Not too disappointed to see him go if he wasn’t going to play a full season next year.

Rock Cartwright – VERY disappointed to see this guy leave town.  He’s definitely a REDSKINS guy.  He was never a star RB, but he was GREAT on special teams.  It seems like he was always in on return coverage, either tackling the ball carrier or making a good play on it, and although I don’t think he returned any kickoffs for touchdowns, he almost always got the Redskins good field position.  I suppose the Redskins are likely trying to bring in Sproles, which makes Rock expendable in the eyes of Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan.  I hope they don’t regret this.  I still want Cartwright’s autograph.

Fred Smoot – He was relegated to the nickel cornerback or backup safety, so this release wasn’t a huge surprise, especially when you could replace him with someone younger and cheaper and potentially more prone to explosive play.  I tend to think maybe this is a “character” decision, making way for guys like Brian Orakpo to be stronger locker room leaders without knucklehead voices speaking up.  I will miss Fred Smoot interviews though.

Ladell Betts – Although Betts filled in well when Portis was hurt, other guys showed that they could step up just as well when Betts was out.  It’s about time to cut ties with Ladell and look for another backup runningback, because Betts was never going to be the type of runningback you’re excited to see in the huddle.  He’s not great at anything, and he’s definitely replaceable.

Todd Collins – How old was Collins?  Too old to still be the backup QB for the Washington Redskins when he never really had a great stretch of games to give creedence to him being in the league.  He was decent when he had to fill in for Jason Campbell a couple seasons ago, but it’s time to let Colt Brennan step up and show what he can do as the backup… or whomever the Redskins pick up in free agency.

Marcus Mason – I keep hearing great things about Marcus Mason, but if he were a great runningback, he would’ve solidified his spot on the roster.  He didn’t, oh well, not worried about it.

Eddie Williams & J.D. Skolnitsky – WHO?

I am glad to hear that the Redskins resigned Casey Rabach.  I was happy when he came over from the Ravens a few years ago, as he solidifies the Center position on the offensive line.