HOLLYWOOD BEGINNING: Adrian Gonzalez returns to Southern California. This time though, he’s playing with a legitimate World Series contender. Photo courtesy Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Blockbuster. It’s one of those words that we use in hyperbole when we usually think we’re just describing something as is. For instance, just this past week, the release of The Expendables 2 was called a blockbuster. Really? If you thought the amount of money raked in by the movie in the opening weekend was an impressive number just add up all the actors ages.

But leave it to the Red Sox and Dodgers to redefine just what a BLOCKBUSTER trade is. No, Boston didn’t trade a once profitable video rental chain, they traded essentially half their starting lineup. The boys in Beantown shipped Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Nick Punto, and cash to the Dodgers  for James Loney and a handful of prospects. It was enough movement that UPS even said, “actually, no, brown can’t do that for you.”

It’s a good thing the Dodgers got some cash with their new players, because they’re going to need it. In acquiring such a slew of big names, the Los Angeles payroll slate grew by nearly 250 MILLION dollars over the next few seasons. Let me repeat that: the Dodgers added a quarter of a billion dollars to their projected expenses. In ONE day. After taking on that kind of investment, it makes the $11 million Boston is giving them seem like pocket change.

BOSTON MASSACRE: The Red Sox front office cut payroll by the tons on Saturday. Will Bobby Valentine be next? Photo courtesy Jim Rogash/Getty Images

So just what does this mean for each team? Well, for Boston, the answer is easy: 2012 is over. The front office has clearly thrown in the towel in what has been yet another disappointing season. And, this time around, it didn’t even take a monumental September collapse. This team, marred by distractions ever since spring training, never once seemed to be in control of their own destiny this season and it’s clear now that the higher-ups have had enough. The AL East pennant race is now down to three teams.

And the implications of this move extend far beyond this season. Those who fell in love with the 2004 Red Sox that embodied the underdog spirit so well may once again learn to root for the men from Boston. They’ve now shed themselves of their biggest, most high-profile free agent signings and look to be starting from scratch. This wasn’t a trade so much as a purge for the Red Sox. I think the front office simply got tired of the way they were conducting business and chose to do something about it.

But what about Los Angeles? Not just the Dodgers, but the Dodgers AND the Angels. There’s so much high-end, name-brand talent between these two ball clubs, if they were to meet each other in the World Series, the rosters might rival that of the National and American League teams during July’s All-Star Game.

The Dodgers in particular, though, are now ridiculously stacked. How loaded is this roster? Carl Crawford is now on the Los Angeles Disabled List and their outfield STILL goes Victorino, Kemp, Ethier. Again, with Carl Crawford ALSO on the team. Right now, this looks like a fantasy baseball roster in an eight-team league. Someone here obviously is not going to be with the boys in blue next season or you’re looking at a roster with potentially four All-Star-caliber outfielders. Could you imagine “Carl Crawford the role player”?

One person whose job is safe however is that of Adrian Gonzalez. Not that Loney would’ve put up much of a competition, but he’s in Boston now. Heck, A-Gon got into the city of angels in time to bat cleanup for his new team and bang out a home run. Fans at Chavez Ravine are going to have a lot of fun watching him the next month or so.

Then there’s Josh Beckett. How far has this guy fallen? At this point, he’s more of a name than anything else. He’ll find a place in the Dodgers rotation with Chad Billingsley on the DL, but if and when Bills comes back, I’m not sure there’s even a place for Josh anymore. Have we come to the point where a team in playoff contention would rather start Joe Blanton or Aaron Harang than Josh Beckett? I think so.

And the craziest thing in all this is the Dodgers are still in second place in their own division. But how long will that last? If the Giants thought losing Melky Cabrera to his 50-game suspension was close to being a worst-case scenario, they quickly got a reality check with news of this trade. San Fran is losing players while L.A. appears to be stacking the deck. It seems as if it’s only a matter of time before the momentum shifts and the Giants find themselves on the outside looking in.

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