As if leading contender for Game Of The Year needed another cool feature, Rockstar Games released new downloadable content today for Red Dead Redemption, and it involves Zombies!

For anyone who had morality issues with this game because they couldn’t bring themselves to shoot people, now they don’t have to.  They can run around shooting the undead and hoping they’ll end up ACTUALLY dead.

If you’re not currently someone who owns Red Dead Redemption because you either haven’t figured out how awesome it is yet, or because you already sold your copy to buy a new game, or because you just rented it for a few days, it seems that you don’t necessarily have to go pay full price for the full copy.

From what I’m hearing, $30 will get you a disc which will let you play not only the zombie-filled “Undead Nightmare”, but you also get to play the “Outlaws to the End” Co-Op Mission Pack, “Legends and Killers”, “Liars and Cheats” and all the other Multiplayer Free Roam online modes which have been released to date. You won’t need to own a copy of Red Dead Redemption to play.