Sometimes when I like something, I can’t explain why.  I can usually explain some of my reasoning, but typically I fail in giving enough of the full picture.

When Lyoto Machida fought and defeated legendary Tito Ortiz, I quickly became a fan.  I tried to grasp exactly why I liked him, but it seemed like all the MMA fans who I talked to about Machida thought that I only liked him because he beat Tito Ortiz.

That was a big part of it.  He was an underdog in the fight, and he beat a guy who rose to fame before I became an MMA fan.  I essentially passed the torch from Tito to Lyoto Machida.

Today I read an article by the Bleacher Report (linked below) which I felt did a great job of helping to explain the reasons why people should be fans of Lyoto Machida.  From his background story, statistical dominance, unique and flashy moveset, the article lays out a great argument for why you, too, should be a fan of the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida.

Eight Reasons To Become a Lyoto Machida Fan