When the new “Undead Nightmare” Mission Pack for Red Dead Redemption was announced, I was excited at the prospect of getting to kill some zombies in the old west, but there were plenty of questions going through my head about the details of how it would all go down.  How would he find out about the zombies?  What other side characters would be involved given where the mission falls into the storyline?

Thanks to the wacky guys over at Video Games Awesome, a fair number of those questions were answered in their latest video offering which I’ve got for you here:

Given what we saw, there are certainly a few more questions yet to be answered.

Is there some sort of antidote involved in helping his wife and son get back to normal?

Will he have to complete the mission wearing his pajamas?

Are there any other side characters from other aspects of Red Dead Redemption who are going to be involved, and is he going to have to rope them too?

As is the staple of most good zombie-related games or movies, are there any special weapons he’s going to get which will help him kill the zombies?

Will we get a look at a zombie eating someone’s brains?  It’s often associated with zombies, and given the adult nature of Red Dead Redemption I don’t see why they couldn’t have it go a little gory.

Is there possibly a path in the Undead Nightmare Mission Pack whereby Marsten becomes a zombie and you can join in on the brain-chasing fun?

If Marsten gets on the train and encounters zombies there, does this turn into an old-west echo of that Resident Evil game for the Wii?

Will any of the towns folk help Marsten battle the zombies, or will they just sort of run away or become victims?  You’d think the Marshals would give you some help.