CM Punk: Finally they start off a RAW right with CM Punk. If there was any doubt that Punk could cut the best promos, it was dispelled. ‘I am the best wrestler in the world’ So true plus he actually used the word ‘wrestler’. I’m surprised Creative would allow that. It’s also true he deserves to be the #1 Contender for the WWE title. His interruption of Cole’s ‘I have received an email’ schtick was hilarious. As was his statement that until he was made #1 Contender we should watch him make snow angels. Is everything Punk says golden?

Divas Title: Of course the people picked Kelly Kelly. Plus she wins! Cole isn’t too happy, which is always a good thing. Not much else to say as it was a typical Divas match.

Batistwo: Apparently he has a degree in construction management, so of course the announcers go for the ‘he should have one in destruction management’ funny guys very funny. Thankfully he punished that lame, peace-sign throwing, spot monkey Evan Bourne.

Heel Segment: Truth and Christian. A tag team of conspiracy nuts and whiners that blame the WWE Universe for their misfortunes. Could it work? Thankfully the Miz comes out and ‘Reallys’ them a few times. Was there an actual ‘Awesome’ chant from the crowd? WWE should take note of that and make plans to turn Miz face. Then they get the Really Game going between the three of them. Hilarious of course, especially Truth’s interruption of the Riley-Randy retorts with Jimmy.

Dolph Ziggler: He brought back that hair flip taunt which I thought he wouldn’t do since he cut his hair. It fits in with the arrogance and narcissism of his characters. At least The People chose 2 out of 3 falls as I was sure they’d choose to toss out Vickie. They go to commercial and we miss a fall? What kind of planning is that? Also wouldn’t you expect a 2 out of 3 falls match to go all 3, unless someone gets a clean 2-0 sweep in order to establish dominance? Kind of a disappointing  ending given it was a good match that went on for some time.

#1 Contender Match: Del Rio gave Justin Roberts the evil eye since there is no Ricardo around, which was a nice touch. I wonder if CM Punk will adopt the snow angel as a taunt or maybe even incorporate into a move or submission. So Falls Count Anywhere? Will the fall actually come near the ring? I always think this match means battling around the arena and ending in the back or on top of a food stand. Punk sold that boots to the face from Mysterio quite well, and that started a nice sequence with Mysterio missing a springboard crossbody. Punk wins! Punk wins! Everything is right in the world. Punk actually brings up his contract issues in the ring and says he is leaving? I thought they would go with a stipulation like if Punk lost he would leave the WWE.

Rhodes vs Bryan: I know some in the IWC worship at the altar of Daniel Bryan because of his in ring skills, but he has no personality. Your wrestling skills can only get you so far. Rhodes actually has a story to tell, both on the mic and in the ring. Everything goes back to Rhodes’ personality and selling his seeming dementia. What a letdown was the result of the match choice. The Paper Bag Match as one of those that I’m sure the WWE put it to capitalize on the Rhodes bag phenomenon.

Dance Off: A dance competition between Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole? Excuse me while I go throw up profusely.

Main Event: Hey there was a Mizfitz sign in the crowd! WWE had better be careful they don’t screw up Riley’s push and make him into another Swagger. It’s clear they have faith in his talent, it just remains to be seen if that talent translates into success. Elimination Match was going well, until of course Cena does the 5 Moves of Doom. Why are the commentators even making a big deal if Cena being in a pin situation? We all know he is going to kick out, overcome the odds and triumph. He sold the near tag to Orton a bit too much. Well Cena does get the deciding pin and the kiddies go crazy. Just to add to that Orton and Cena pose on the turnbuckles with their titles and I die a little inside.