Ok so I know I do this column weekly, but since its a 3 hour RAW, and I have a ton of material,  I’m going to split it into two articles. Smackdown Wrestling Wisdom will come Friday. Also, don’t the match preview screenshots done in the video game cartoon mode look kind of weird? Like they’re really roided up, which is an interesting depiction.

Miz: I was wondering when someone would bring up Weinergate, because there are so many comedic ways to use it. I also figured it would be The Miz to say it, because well could anyone deliver it as well?

Del Rio: He’s good in the ring, and we already knew that, but I particularly liked he way he softened up Kane’s arm in order to apply the Cross Arm Breaker later on. It shows actual thought and tells more of a story in the ring.

Angry Show: Angry Show runs in and we know he’s angry because Kane has to use a sleeper on him to stop him. That was also a nice bit of storytelling, selling Show’s anger. Even though Show/Del Rio at Capitol Punishment was set up tonight, the match has really been built over the past few weeks. So its not like they’re throwing it together the week of the PPV like they’ve done in the past.

Big Zeke: I find it interesting that they give a strongman, whose arsenal of moves is built on power, a submission as a finisher. He does have to hoist his opponent on his back and keep him there, but it shows some variety and that they’re trying to build Zeke into something more then a guy who yells and flexes.

R Truth: I was also wondering he would add in the little girl fans, or ‘Little Jennies’ as he calls them. Or is it Jennys? Of course if Hornswoggle shows up it’s either for comedy or to get beat down and this time it’s the latter. The WWE is doing a good job of building Truth as a legit heel, but not as a legit threat to Cena. I mean we all know the outcome of their match Sunday.

JoMo: Iced Z gets screentime last week and now JoMo is back? The IWC must be estatic. But then why bring Morrison back if only to take him out again? Are they trying to save Truth/Morrison for after Cena/Truth?

Sheamus: I swear if he had gotten beat by the Cobra, they might as well have made him a jobber. But then he uses a Cloverleaf submission to get the win? I for sure like the addition to Sheamus’ finishers as it adds more variety. Does this mean they’re bringing back submissions? It seems like we haven’t seen this many submission finishers, since the days of Benoit/Jericho/Malenko and others.

Randy Orton: Total lol on the mic malfunction, then Randall tries to make up for it with a lame joke. The exchange of insults between him and Christian where Christian makes fun of Orton’s silver spoon upbringing and Orton counters with Christian needing Edge to hold him up, was a nice allusion to the past. Which is odd since the WWE seemingly doesn’t want to remember its past at times. Case in point, being the fact they ignored Triple H’s first Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker in the build up to this year’s confrontation.

Piper’s Pit: Once again the crowd echoes Miz’s ‘Really’ catchphrase, louder then usual this week, especially the second time around when he asks the crowd ‘Really?’. They could just be moacking the catchphrase but the fact that they’re emphatically echoing it shows how much Miz has gotten ‘over’ with the crowd. Miz and Piper had good chemistry going in their exchanges, and I’m noticing more and more that Miz meshes well with pretty much anyone when they’re on the mic together. Then it’s Miz vs Piper? Then they show it in the video game version?

CM Punk: He is absolutely awesome, but you already knew that. He could cut a grade A promo in his sleep. He gives Stone Cold a taste of his ‘what?’ medicine, which is hilarious. For the first time in what seems like a long time, Punk’s straight edge gimmick is emphasized. Now I know this next idea is a longshot, but how awesome would it be to have Punk face Austin at Wrestlemania? The promos themselves leading up to the match would make for must see TV.

Austin’s Announcement: How funny was Cole being scared when he said his usual GM-related catchphrases? Another Viewer’s Choice? I hope we don’t see another Santino-Kozlov danceoff? How many times is the GM’s computer going to be destroyed before the GM gets pissed and actually reveals himself?

Main Event: For a match that involves John Cena, there was some good ring psychology, especially in the beginning when they’d lock up, then separate and stalk each other in the ring. Great spot where Cena tries to start the 5 Moves of Doom, and Punk dodges the shoulder tackle and later Cena dodges Punk’s attack from the top. At least Punk won, albeit with a distraction from R Truth. Punk can beat Cena clean, and they sacrificed some build for Punk in order to further the Cena/Truth feud.