Hey guys, I’m back after a nice and relaxing summer vacation and ready to impart more of my Wrestling Wisdom. Obviously I missed alot last week with the Cena/Vince confrontation and a muddled WHC picture. So let’s see if that break messed my wrestling insight any:

CM Punk: Interesting reaction he gets from the crowd in Cena’s home with alot of cheers to go along with the usual boos, especially when he said he’d defeat Cena at MITB. Punk’s ‘backup’ was awesome, although I’m not sure if the people in the upperdeck can hear a megaphone will all the other noise going on. When he turned on the siren, I half expected Big Poppa Pump to show up. Interesting moment when he flubbed saying ESPN and first mentioned ECW. Of course the roof blows off when Cena shows up, but when he starts talking his usual Never Give Up schtick kills the vibe Punk had going.

Cena: The Tag Champs? Really? We all know Cena will overcome all odds and beat these FCW-level wrestlers. Like this will really be his last night on RAW. I mean how stupid does the WWE think we are? Is it me or did Cena get a new haircut? Looks a bit more rounded and not as many sharp edges. wonder if it means anything? Could he finally be turning heel???? It’s as likely as them pushing Zack Ryder. Nice history lesson on the WWE Title from Cole, probably the first time Buddy Rogers or Bruno Sammartino have been mentioned on WWE programming in years. Speaking of something not seen in years, when was the last time Cena lost clean?

Drew McIntyre: Next thing you know they’ll put Ryder in an actual RAW match. Or even make it Ryder v McIntyre. Does Vince even remember he anointed Drew as The Chosen One? Or like a little kid, did he see a new shiny toy that he immediately throw down the old, slightly dull toy to focus on the new one? Since its a Drew/Dolph or Delph handicap match, does this mean there will be more such matches tonight as WWE tries to slip in more themed RAW episodes without us noticing? Just when you thought things were looking up for Drew, he is used as a sacrificial lamb in the ongoing Show-Henry feud.

BE A STAR: How can WWE run a campaign such as BE A STAR against bullying, which is a noble aim, but then have two of the people they feature in those ads, i.e. The Bellas, verbally bully other Divas such as Kharma or Kelly Kelly? Do they even notice these kind of things? Don’t the decision makers sit around in meetings to discuss such stuff? Or do they hope that the seeming contradictions cancel each other out?

Miz: The Awesome One delievers the usual MITB promo from atop the ladder and gets interrupted by Jack Swagger, who mentions his previous MITB win. This is ironic because he has pretty much fallen off the map since that victory, which Miz promptly makes fun of Swagger to that effect. We then get a rousing edition of The Really Game. With the crowd constantly echoing Miz’s Really catchphrase it makes me wonder if it become this era’s version of Stone Cold’s What. If they push Miz correctly, perhaps as a face, it could rise to such heights.

Del Rio: He says that he won the #1 Contender match last week, but we already knew that. So now that win is negated and he has to be in the MITB match? That seems like a shady way for WWE to remedy the problem. They could have had him face Cena for the title at Summerslam, if indeed Cena retains. He’s been talking about his destiny for months now, so they better get him the belt soon or Del Rio risks becoming irrelevant.

MITB Hype Video: I thought the video was done quite well, as it did a good job of showing how awe-inspiring and dangerous the match can be. They highlighted Punk alot, as they should, since he’s the all-time wins leader. We even got to see a Codebreaker with a ladder from Jericho, who whenever he returns will be a big boost to the WWE. We got shots of former wrestlers, such as Shelton Benjamin and MR ANNNNNDERSON…ANNNNNNNDERSON or Kennedy if you so prefer.

Contract Negotiations: Vince switches between face and heel more times in one promo lately then most wrestlers do in their careers, though in this particular one he’s probably the heel. He continues the fourth wall breaking by referring to Punk as Phil, his real name. I’ve never even heard of WWE Ice Cream Bars, so I’ll have to look them up. I wonder if Punk will want them to be in the shape of his face. I can’t really guess if what Punk is saying is scripted or if he’s winging it, which makes it even more awesome. Though it has to be worked, seeing as calling your boss a hypocrite would get you fired in most jobs. But finally someone calls out Vince for doing the anti-bullying campaign while having a history of being the biggest bully in the company.

Of course Cena has to come in and ruin the whole greatness that is a CM Punk promo by comparing him to a terrorist, which I thought was stepping over the line. When Punk started mentioning the Red Sox, I knew there was a Yankee reference coming. This is why the Punk part of the promo was so awesome. He knew exactly what would make Cena snap, he knew exactly what would hurt the most and he played it to perfection. The fact that what he said in that bit was essentially true is all the more sweeter. Cena has become the Yankees of the WWE, he is The Franchise that everyone bandwagon jumps on because it’s the cool thing. He just follows a formula whereas when Punk speaks he is believable. We know its scripted, but Punk is so good he has us suspending disbelief and buying in. That ultimately what separates Punk from Cena and what makes him so much better.