CM Punk: Here he comes with his WWE Title and it is  indeed a beautiful sight. I love how his mocked Cena’s champ catchphrase and I’m sure it won’t be the last time he says it. Saying he’s going to make it fun for everyone makes it clear he’s being written as a face. Yes, he was awesome as a heel, but given the current wave he’s riding he can definitely pull off being a face. The Voice of The Voiceless gimmick can do wonders for Punk and for the WWE as a whole. When H showed up and said resigning Punk was good for ‘business’ I immediately thought of Vince as it seems a Vince thing to say. Punk hits the nail on the head listing all the talent Vince has let go, namely Batista, Foley and Jericho who each bigger pops then the last. Then they discuss big….egos? Punk has some legitimate points in referencing Triple H’s backstage influence, but I’m surprised he didn’t mention The Kliq. Some nice build for a possible H-Punk feud down the line. At least Cena didn’t show up to throw water on a good promo like he did for the live contract negotiations.

Divas #1 Contender Royal: Kelly totally owns Cole right off the bat, which is a good way to start off any match. Melina eliminated first? How far has she fallen? Wasn’t she Divas champ like a year ago? Then Gail Kim? Kelly continues to own Cole, which is much more entertaining then the actual match. Biggest disappointment so far is Natalya getting eliminated. Didn’t WWE see the matches she had when she was champ? She has the charisma and in ring skills, plus some decent talent on the mic. None of which either of the Bellas, who are both in the final 4, have. Beth tosses both Bellas out at once, which is pretty impressive and then tosses out Kelly, turning herself heel in the process, which I believe she is better at then being a face.

Truth & Miz: Pretty funny part where Truth tries to convince Miz they’re alike, Miz’s reaction to that statement being the best part. So was Miz trying not to say his treatment lately was a ‘conspiracy’, with Truth seeming to convince him of said conspiracy a bit. Perhaps this could be a good first feud for a face Miz? WWE does tend to use tag matches to put together two pairs of feuds together. Morrison-Truth will obviously be at Summerslam and maybe Miz-Rey, depending on how they build it. There we have Botch number 1 of the night by Morrison, missing Miz on that Springboard Corkscrew dive to the outside. Once again, Cole’s man crush on Miz takes over the commentary and thus takes over the match really.

Ziggler: So he’s growing back his long hair? Much better then that confusing short, brown phase he went through. I like how, as US Champ, he’s calling out everyone, as the willingness to take on all comers for his title can begin to bring prestige back to a formerly highly sought after championship. Vickie reminds us that Dolph held the WHC and I’m sure no one rememebers the 57 seconds of his reign. Riley comes out and brings up the valid point of Dolph accomplishing alot with Vickie at his side, and goes for the you’re-not-a-real-man insult. I would like to see Ziggler strike out on his own and he does have the tools to do so, especially improving mic skills. I hope they’re setting up for a Riley-Dolph feud, because they need a face to eventually take the title off of Dolph and RIley could have a good run as US Champ.

Tag Champs: New music for the champs? Are they even going to give any sort of resolution to the apparent breakup of the New Nexus? So much for the ‘change’ that’s been talked about. The least they could do would be a backstage segment with Punk and his former stablemates. The fact that Otunga and McGillicutty are the tag champs is pretty sad, what’s even more sad is that there isn’t a real team that could take it away from them, except for perhaps The Usos.

Del Rio: How much money do you think it costs the WWE to trot out these extremely expensive cars each week for Del Rio? Do they get them from local dealers at each show?  I like the possibility that Lawler brought up of Del Rio cashing in MITB tonight and which champ he would cash it in against.

2 Champs?: Is this really the first time there have been 2 champs? I’d imagine there has been a similar controversy in the past. John Laurinaitis gets some mic time and I gotta say he has some skills. He says Vince would want Hunter to strip Cena of the title? Is there anything more unlikely? At least Cena isn’t stripped of the title, he did win it legitimately, however much his haters may dislike the fact. H sets up a Punk-Cena match at Summerslam for the Undisputed WWE Champonship. I don’t think that phrase has been used since the WWF changed to the WWE. The show ends with Punk and Cena trying to show up each other by competing to see who can do the better raising of the title.