CM Punk is still WWE Champion. That should tell you everything you need to know. Words cannot express how awesome that is.

The Chairman: Does anyone actually believe what Vince is saying about Punk? Practically everyone was behind Punk in the arena. Did he just say ‘Alberto Dorito? How funny would it be if Del Rio brought out a bag of Doritos for his match? Or at least was eating them during a backstage segment. Punk didn’t show up during the opening, which was good. WWE has to milk this for all they’ve got.

Title Tournament: I figured they would crown a new champ somehow and this is a good idea. Whoever wins it, they will have earned it. Even more so then some 20 man battle royal or Fatal Four Way. Potentially winning 3 matches in one night will be a great accomplishment. I’m sure if a heel wins, they’ll use that to brag endlessly.

Miz: He sure is selling his knee injury very well and Riley is going after it. That Single Leg Boston Crab on Miz was spot on by Riley and makes tactical sense. I was even more impressed with Riley using a Cloverleaf, but not Cole calling it a Sharpshooter. Next thing you know he’ll call a gutwrench suplex a float over DDT. With the knee injury angle, are they trying to garner some sympathy for him from the crowd? They popped pretty loud for the Skull Crushing Finale and Miz’s win. I wonder if this is the start of a face turn. He has been getting pretty positive reactions from the crowd and they have been echoing his Really catchphrase.

Truth vs Swagger: So is Swagger the face in this match be default? The crowd seems pretty dead for this match, it is a heel v heel after all. It is a pretty decent match with Jack’s mat ability and the quickness of Truth. But you wouldn’t know it, since Lawler and Cole and talking about the Punk/Cena situation. They both even acknowledge the fact they’re not legitimizing the match. I’m pretty sure whether Truth wins this whole thing, he’ll find some way to invent a new conspiracy.

Alberto Dorito: He takes some shots at Cena during the promo, possibly laying the ground work for their rumored Summerslam match. Ricardo Rodriguez showed up and that was certainly unexpected. Not a really big return, but then again he is only a personal ring announcer in a nice suit, but you already knew that. I don’t know if it’s a botch or not, but when Kofi had Del Rio in the corner and was punching him, you could totally tell he was avoiding the head and not even making them realistic. Kofi got the win, which was to be expected since Del Rio already has the briefcase.

Summerslam ’92 Recall: Remember when the IC Title had that much prestige? It seems like it was ages ago. Granted there were other storylines in the Bulldog/Hart match, particularly the family connection. Still to see that kind of emotion and effort put into a midcard title match again would be great or at least a decent feud.

Rey Rey: Lawler called vintage on Rey’s top rope senton and Cole was not amused at all. Yet again more commentator discussion on other things and not the match at hand, even with some good spots such as Dolph ducking the 619 and really anytime Rey goes to the top rope.. Rey wins and we have him, Miz, Kofi and Truth. All of them were the expected winners, except for Kofi. They had to do something to mix it up a bit. The semi finals both are old fueds, with Truth/Rey and Miz/Kofi.

Semi Finals: Was it me or did the Miz/Kofi match seem a bit off? They just looked out of sync with Miz waiting a tad too long to receive hits from Kofi. Truth/Rey was much better with some nice ring psychology. Truth went for body scissors on Rey after hitting him in the stomach with a knee, doing the logical thing in attacking a weak spot. There was even a sweet move by Rey during commercial when he hit a split legged moonsault, basically Morrison’s Starship Pain without the corkscrew movement. Truth’s finisher, that suplex-into-a-stunner, looks like it would hurt, with the neck and head slamming into the shoulder.

Finale: I had a feeling something was up with the final, time was running out and The Chairman had to fire Cena and all. McMahon just flubbed and called the winner the WWF Champion, perhaps intentional or not, which was amusing to say the least. The crowd answered McMahon’s statement that he could make a new Cena with a CM Punk chant, which was great. Vince was kind of right with saying he does things for a business standpoint, I mean he is raking in a ton of cash. God, Cena knows how to be a downer. He has to give his usual positive-rightness speech and any thoughts of him turning heel went out the window. Although, Cena did make a not so subtle threat he’d go to TNA. In a return that was slightly more exciting then Ricardo’s, The Game shows up with some bad news for Vince. He pretty much has no job right now and there was some real emotion from him, though the crowd didn’t have too much sympathy for him.