Two WWE Champs? Oh noes! How will this be resolved???

COO: With the way Triple H talks of how the landscape will change after the WWE Match at Summerslam, I’m wondering if he has something up his sleeve or will involve himself in the match somehow. He even says he will rectify the Two Champ situation in the match on Sunday. He stings everyone along when he talks of the authority figure who will help resolve this situation only to give himself as that figure. Prelude to a heel turn? H is a much better heel then a face in my opinion as he has that nastiness and can be just plain mean. This possible outcome will be further fueled by having Hunter as the Guest Referee.

Cena: His match is first? Does this mean Punk’s will be at the end before the contract signing? It seems counter to have the face of the company open the show, but I’m sure he’ll get his usual cheesy promo in during the signing. He and H even jaw at each other a bit as the latter leaves the ring. With Cena drawing the Man Formerly Known As a World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger, I wonder who will face Punk? We all know how botchy Sin Cara is and John Morrison has his Starship Botch move, but when Cena brings down his fist in 5 Knuckle Shuffle, it can clearly be seen that he’s missing Swagger’s head. I know he doesn’t actually make contact on the move, but maybe they could use a different camera angle on it?

Summerslam Recall: This one is about the Perfect-Bret Intercontinental title match from ’91. Why do they show these when they obviously have no concern for the IC belt? I mean they showed the Bret-Bulldog one recently as a ‘Recall’. Do they not notice the disconnect?

Miz v Rey: Well so much for that match. That was quite the beat down, assisted by the giant WWE logo on the stage. So we won’t see that match at Summerslam as has been speculated. So he gets Kofi tonight insteadof Rey. Cole will now talk over the entire match complaining about the injustice of it all to his man-crush The Miz. I wonder what they’ll do with Miz in the immediate future. He did do a good job of putting over Alex Riley and since they need to put the title on Del Rio soon in order to not waste his buildup, I don’t see Miz getting a title shot soon. He needs another main event caliber feud to stay relevant and not fall back to the midcard. We also haven’t seen him play The Really Game recently as it’s a catchphrase the crowd really gets into it.

Del Punko: This is actually an interesting matchup, the current RAW MITB winner versus a two time winner of the briefcase. With the way they’ve hyped Cena-Punk there’s no chance Del Rio cashes in on Punk, so why would the commentators mention the possibility? That whole destiny of Del Rio is starting to wear a bit thin. He’ll eventually get it I’m sure, but it won’t be big an impact as if he had won a World Title earlier in the year. On a side note, I’m surprised heel Cole is siding with face Cena and face Punk against H making himself the guest ref. Punk signals for the GTS, something I haven’t seen in a long time. Del Rio focuses on Punk’s left arm, another instance of good ring psychology from Alberto, but you already knew that. I find it interesting that they gave Punk a higher caliber opponent to face tonight and gave Cena a pushover in Swagger.

Beth Phoenix: Like the mythological bird she is named after, Beth Phoenix has risen from the mediocrity of the Divas division to take on resident Barbie doll, Kelly Kelly. I find it interesting that they also turned Natalya heel. It appears as if they’re positioning both to dominate the Divas on their respective shows, perhaps setting up a confrontation down the line. I know heel vs heel usually doesn’t work, but in the case of the Divas division, anything resembling progress is good for them. Those two are the best women wrestlers in the company right now and a feud that is given time and thought could actually help the whole division and possibly bring back memories of Trish-Lita. Beth does a¬†pretty good promo post-match saying no more booty shaking and stinkfaces. Lawler saying that takes away 90% of the excitement of a Divas match for him is everything wrong the current state of women in WWE and such a disappointing thing to hear. However, it is something not unexpected of him and I wonder if he’ll be using his signature ‘puppies!’ anytime soon. Cole could then call it ‘Vintage Lawler!’


Dolph v Riley: I find it interesting that JR referred to Vickie as the ‘Drew Rosenhaus’ of the WWE, referring to her status as a super agent of sorts. Did Riley really have to make a bad breath joke about Vickie? Really? Did the kid demographic of the WWE write that one? At least he didn’t joke about her weight, which would have been even more tasteless. I figured she would get involved somehow, but didn’t think she’d actually get in the ring and slap Riley to cause the DQ. With the way Dolph got in her face and how she walked out on him, might this be the breakup of the two? Or will they patch it up later?

Contract Signing: That video promo they showed about the feud so far was something you would see on the NFL Network. It might even have had the same guy who does those voice overs for the NFL ones on this WWE promo. I like how after Cena put his title on the table, he moved it so it wouldn’t be ‘behind’ Punk’s. Funny mention by Punk of how no ‘contract signing’ ever ends well. Nice way to work Rock back in somehow by showing the Facebook video ‘Dwayne’ put together ripping on Cena. Of course Punk’s gold mic work is ruined by Cena opening his mouth. He does make a good comparison of him as the modern day Hogan when he said the hand went away from the ear and went in front of his face. He ruins what is otherwise a good promo by him by throwing in his usual Never Give Up spiel. Punk rips on VP Laurinaitis and Triple H for the recent firings, continuing the kayfabe breaking that has been happening lately. When he brought up his interaction with Cena after he won the ECW title, it really gave Punk’s feelings about Mr WWE a clear and concise form. You could feel the disdain and anger Punk feels for Cena. The lion-hyena analogy further proves his point. Cena does perfectly state the amount of pressure Punk is under to win at Summerslam. The previously mentioned bad ending does sorta occur with Punk kicking the VP in the head, Cena shoving Punk and Triple H, H getting in Cena’s face and so on. Unfortunately, no one went through the table, but it was still a great promo, 90% of the work coming from Punk.