RAW starts off a two day WWE extravaganza with live SuperSmackdown tomorrow. Tonight, I’m wondering if they’ll say the words ‘live’ and ‘super’ in regards to that show as many times as they did last Friday. It could really have been made into a drinking game.

Textgate: Oh noes! BFF troubles between HHH and Nash! No wonder H is in such a bad mood. ‘Pacino in Heat level thespianism’ Now that was a random reference by Punk. Even more random,┬áNash┬ánow has entrance music, which is sure to up the nostalgia, though I wonder how much of the young audience will get it. So according to Diesel, his driver called John Laurinaitis with the hospital story, implying Johnny Ace was not involved. Plus he apparently signed Nash to a contract. Those two facts don’t bode well. Punk is sick of it, literally and figuratively of course, which was a great performance. Punk v Nash at Night of Champions? Aren’t the matches supposed to have titles on the line? Hopefully it goes better then last year’s NOC where Punk got squashed by the Big Show. A match involving a geriatric? Am I watching TNA?

Randall v Dolph: There’s no way Dolph actually wins this because he’s up against WWE Face #2, but he can put on a strong showing. At least Lawler and JR are talking positively about Vickie, instead of lamely making fun of her weight. They even bring up manager legends like Jimmy Hart and Classy Freddie Blassie which is a nice touch, though it does highlight the lack of such figures in the WWE today. They surprisingly focus on what’s going on in the ring, with some near falls and counters, especially when Ziggler counters an RKO attempt into a Sleeper hold. Though he does end up eating a pretty wicked RKO.

Miffed Cena: So Cena is a little peeved at Del Rio’s actions? Rambling on about how ADR cowardly attacks him, etc. Ok, the phrase is ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ not ‘every action has a reaction and repercussion’. Learn your science Cena. Though he does get a little shot in at The Rock when calling out Del Rio. He gets Mark Henry instead, who offers to induct Cena into his Hall of Pain. Then Christian shows up and I know Sheamus will come out at some point and this will become a tag match or a brawl. Sheamus does run out, but the heels hightail it and we get the bizarro moment of Cena and Sheamus standing side by side.

Johnny Ace: Well he makes the tag match in a backstage segment with a random referee, then Triple H shows up to remind him that he is Johnny’s boss. There was also a thinly veiled threat thrown in there about Laurinaitis’ involvement in the ‘car crash’ last week, as I’m sure Hunter is not too happy about that.

Punk v Miz: Well this should be interesting. We do get a rendition of The Really Game, a new Miz shirt and the usual good promo from him. A Punk-Miz feud could be great if only for the mic work between the two. Miz could also get better in the ring by working with Punk. Miz did unsuccessfully challenge Punk for the ECW title at Cyber Sunday in 2007. Miz does take control of the match most of the time and gets the spotlight, instead of getting ‘lost in the shuffle’ as Cole repeatedly claimed.. A pretty competitive match overall with some nice spots, including Miz trying to reverse the GTS into the Skull Crushing Finale. The R Truth run in did spoil it a bit, though it does further the Truth-Miz partnership.

Tag Champs: So apparently their tag team name is Air Boom, as voted on WWE.com. I like the name as it captures Kingston and Bourne’s high flying and high energy style. Though most of the match is spent by Lawler ripping on Otungacutty. Most of it well deserved by the way as the former champs were a bad team in a time known for a lackluster tag team division. What was with the post-match staredown between Otunga and Lawler? I really, really hope this doesn’t mean Lawler will get back in the ring.

Kelly vs A Bella XXVIII: The only way this can turn out anywhere close to decent is if DoD shows up and actually gets involved physically. We do get a bit of backstage commentary by them ripping on Kelly, but they do look as dolled up as the barbies they’re criticizing.

Alex Riley: A really good video promo for Riley, using the tried and true ‘childhood dream’ angle about wanting to be in the WWE. They highlighted his distaste for what he did at the side of The Miz, and it could turn into a redemption story. However, that would tie him to Miz further, when he needs to break away completely, though if done right it could work.

Main Event: A team of John Cena and Sheamus? Pretty surreal, considering I can remember when Cena was calling Sheamus a human jar of mayonnaise, not to mention Sheamus beating Cena for his first WWE title. It would have been nice to have some sort of backstage segment where their history is brought up. Since Cena is facing Wade Barrett on SuperSmackdown tomorrow, such a segment would be a good use of airtime. Is that sweat or water flying off of Henry as he shoves Sheamus? Does he pour water on himself pre-match? Sheamus crawling to get the hot tag for Cena was a nice moment. The flying shoulder tackle by Sheamus to Henry on the outside would have been better if it was a Brogue Kick off the apron. A typical finish to the match was glossed over by Triple H telling Punk backstage that he would be Punk’s opponent at NOC. That certainly is a shocking way to end RAW.



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