Opening: I gotta say Ricardo Rodriquez has a great sinister, smarmy smile or perhaps a smirk of sorts. Just seems to fit the character he’s playing. Why would Cole mention NAFTA when saying people should be cheering Alberto? Is it some sort of backhanded insult or Cole spouting off like he usually does? Cena is here! Kids everywhere practically just had heart attacks. I wonder if the Cena haters will start cheering for Alberto in this case? Cena does make a good point in saying that Del Rio probably doesn’t own all those cars and that he couldn’t name the one he drove in a few minutes ago. Well the Cena haters will cheer for Punk now that he has shown up. I just hope they don’t marginalize Del Rio as the ‘3rd wheel’ in this like they did with Miz in the Cena/Rock buildup to WM27. I’m surprised it took Triple H this long to come out, but he does set up a Punk-Cena #1 contender main event.

ADR: What’s with this recent trend of having the WWE or World Heavyweight Champ in the first match of the night? It seems to me that the champion is the top guy on the show and should be in the main event of the night, or at least not as a warm up act. He does get the Prince of Parkour and I’m surprised that the announce team is actually spending a decent amount of time talking about the actual match. That was a pretty weak looking pin from the Prince of Botchkour, among other things. It is such a relief to have JR back, he’s miles better then anyone they could put behind the table.

Divas: Yawn. Typical Diva match, but we did get an interesting video promo from the Divas of Doom. It appears that Beth and ‘But we’re not’ Natalya (watch the promo and you’ll understand) have something in store for the booty poppers.

Excuse Me Inc: A try at a title for Vickie’s apparent new company where she manages WWE wrestlers. She walks to the ring with Swagger and, fir of all, that’s quite an interesting design on her blouse/whatever she’s wearing. Second, did JR just call Swagger a two time world champion? Well his WHC reign was a joke and that’s the first time I can remember a tacit acknowledgement of the ECW title counting as a world championship in WWE. Jealous Dolph shows up and ‘knocks’ Vickie over and The Swag takes offense, but it costs him the match.

The Kliq: We have two of the 5 members here and if HBK takes time off from his hunting show or Waltman shows up, we’ll have a quorum. The Kliq might be back in business then. If Hunter was telling anyone else that they ‘didn’t work here’ as he was telling Nash, he wouldn’t have been as timid. But he’s staring up at Big Daddy Cool, and I know I would be intimidated if I was in Hunter’s shoes. He does suggest a good idea of Nash beating Punk up at the Tim Horton’s across the street, but then asks Diesel to leave! A volatile situation gets even more so with the appearance of Punk who proceeds to spout comic gold with his analogy of the Nash-text mystery to a game of Clue. Also his postulation that Hunter keeps his cell phone in his wife’s purse as well as his balls was awesome. But it does earn him a blindside hit from Nash.

Giant Penny Titles: I mean Tag Titles, but anyways I hope Kofi-Bourne take them off the glorified FCW wrestlers that are Otunga and McGillamacutty. Has it really been 3 months they’ve held the titles? Lawler proceeds to rip into them saying, among other things, that the Bushwhackers had more personality. I hope this not so subtle jabbing at the title holders is an indication that maybe, just maybe, the WWE is beginning to take the tag division seriously. It seems headed in that direction with new Tag Champs. This is Bourne’s first title in WWE if I’m not mistaken, while Kofi has his second tag title, the first being with CM Punk of all people.

Miz: With Miz and Truth attacking Santino later on, are those two being set up as the heel challengers to the Tag Titles? Or could Truth be the vehicle to turn Miz face? The ‘What’ crowd gets into it and Miz pulls out his soon-to-be-signature ‘you all sound like a bunch of ducks’ line. The promo was pretty good and set up a partnership that could be an interesting storyline.

#1 Contender: As Punk says, it is indeed clobberin’ time. I just hope the outcome of the match is as the graphic to the left suggests. Perhaps the highlight of the night is when Cena throws his shirt to the crowd like he usually does, only it gets thrown back! Punk then throws his shirt in the same direction, only to have Cena throw his shirt again and have it thrown back a second time! Cole calls Punk a 5 time world champion, the second acknowledgement of the night that the WWE gives the ECW title any sort of credibility. What is with Lawler’s new man crush on Cena? Very partisan in favor of him. Being in Edmonton, Cena channels Chris Benoit when he locks in the Crippler Crossface on Punk, which is the closest WWE will ever come to mentioning Benoit ever again. When Punk got up on the top turnbuckle I was wondering if he was going to do a Benoit style flying headbutt, but ends up missing with the elbow. Subsequently, Cena gets some awesome height on his top rope leg drop. This is a PPV quality match, with alot of back and forth, big spots and both men kicking out of the other’s finisher. Kevin Nash, who we were told was in a car accident, shows up. I had my suspicions, given that Johnny Ace is sitting by the announce table and the conversation the two had last week. The setup costs Punk the match and the #1 contendership.


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