edge-returnsIt’s the go home RAW before Night of Champions and WWE certainly has a lot to accomplish tonight. They’ll probably fill out the PPV card, continue the Cody firing angle, try to make you remember there’s a WHC match, HHH will make Show cry some more and something something best for business something something complete. Of course there are still questions, so who will Hunter bully this week? Will the IC Title make its way into the Handicap Elimination Match somehow? How long will the Shield of Security keep guard of the ring? More importantly, why is there a shot of David Otunga in the Then, Now Forever bit that plays before the start of the show?

Edge: It’s blatantly obvious part of the reason Edge returned was to promote the upcoming season premiere of Haven, but it’s never a bad thing when he comes back. The crowd absolutely went nuts when he came out, of course RAW being in Toronto probably had something to do with it. His verbal jousting with HHH and multiple insults directed at his former Rated-RKO partner showed he hasn’t lost his touch in the slightest. His presence certainly helped draw even more heat for Hunter as the COO trolled Edge’s hometown crowd by repeatedly insulting their hero. Of course having The Shield drag out a beaten Christian also contributes to that.

Rhodes: The WWE caught lightning in a bottle last week with Cody getting fired, which garnered immense sympathy for him from the fans. So how do they follow that up? Have Cody’s brother Goldust come back to wrestle Orton with the added stipulation of being that The Bizarre One can win back his brother’s contract of course. They even showed video packages highlighting some of his most ‘bizarre’ moments. It was pretty obvious that Goldust wasn’t going to win, but they did a great job during the match of making it believable that he could pull off the upset before eventually falling victim to an RKO.

Indies: As much as HHH is trolling the hardcore fans with all his talk of how a small guy like Bryan is just not championship material, there’s sure doing a good job of featuring such guys lately. Bryan took on Rollins last week and he faces Ambrose tonight. Either of those could be legit world title feuds in the future. Sure the match was sort of overshadowed by Show and the rest of The Shield being at ringside and all the attendant drama, but it was still a great match. Now if AJ Styles or Samoa Joe were to wrestle Bryan in WWE, then those hardcore fans would lose their minds.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘He got his degree with Dr Shelby!’ JBL describing the qualifications of Heyman’s personal ‘doctor’.

MNF: It’s that time of year when RAW goes head-to-head with Monday Night Football. This usually leads to a drop in ratings which causes WWE to try and compensate for the loss. This can be in the form of big names like Edge returning or some new twists designed to get people changing channels to watch RAW. There might be a few weeks where the show is competitive, but overall this is a period where the company has to hold out until the season is over. As much as WWE would like to believe it’s not the case, more people like watching football.

Del Rio: If you needed to know how popular ADR was with the crowd, then you only needed to listen to them during his match with R-Truth. They were chanting for JBL, RVD, Cole and Undertaker of all people. The only acknowledgement it all got from the commentators was that there ‘…a raucous crowd here tonight’ O rly? Needless to say Creative has some work to do if they want fans to pay more attention to Del Rio’s matches.

Cesaro: It’s apparent that Creative has no idea what to do with a talent like Antonio Cesaro. That is never more obvious then when they have him lose to a returning Santino Marella. Yeah it was on a surprise roll-up but couldn’t it have been booked to have Santino get in some offense before finally falling to Cesaro? The only saving grace in this is that Cesaro didn’t lose to The Cobra.