So Daniel Bryan apparently climbed the mountain at Night of Champions and became WWE Champion. Or is that mountain more like a small hill given what seemed like a fast count from the ref? Bryan fans might want to enjoy the sight of The Beard carrying around the title since its entirely possible HHH could reverse the decision and give it back to Orton. After all that would be ‘good for business’. What else will happen on RAW? How much gloating will Heyman do on his ‘victory’ over Punk? Is Ryback a Paul Heyman Guy? Will anyone care about the WHC? Will The Shield ever cut one of their signature promos again? Will Miz get any TV time in his hometown of Cleveland? With The American Dream coming back, who will he wrestle for his son’s career?

Nullify: So in order to address the fast count, HHH cancels Bryan’s victory in WWE’s version of the Nullification Crisis of the 1830s with Hunter playing the role John C Calhoun. Like Bryan getting screwed out of the title at Summerslam, it’s really the best outcome. After all it’s only been a month, which is not nearly enough time to build up the tension and dram of Bryan chasing the Title to a crescendo. The reason that this angle is so hot is that the audience can sympathize with Bryan’s struggle against the corporate machine. Plus it always makes for better storytelling when the face is chasing the heel champion. Hunter did refuse to hand the title back to Orton.

Hometown Hero: The good news is that Miz got onto the show in his hometown. The bad news is that it was against Randy Orton who was angry at not being given back the WWE Title. Has there ever been a case of a wrestler being in their hometown and having something positive happen to them? When they showed Miz’s parents ringside you knew things weren’t going to end well. After their match ended, Orton proceeded to give him a vicious beating that clearly announced the return of Orton as a truly killer heel. Randall got massive heat and Miz got tons of sympathy, so it was a segment done very well.

Heyman: CM Punk has been doing a great job in his pursuit of his former best friend, but it’s really Heyman that’s sold this angle. From screaming at a handcuffed Punk to his lack of shaving, he’s been the star. The expression on his face when Punk turned to him after vanquishing Axel was pure gold and was definitely one the top moments of the night. Coming out tonight in a wheelchair, especially after what had happened to Dusty Rhodes and Miz, was pure trolling.

JBL Great Quote of The Night: ‘The judge also judged the Mayweather fight a draw!’ In response to Cole saying Fandango lost a dance contest.

Nullify: While taking the title from Bryan was the best decision, the way they accomplished it was questionable. Referee Scott Armstrong saying something to Bryan during the opening promo and Trips immediately interpreting that as the two being in cahoots is more then a little transparent. The crowd certainly wasn’t buying it and the not-so-subtle indication is that Bryan is being set up. This is really the best Creative could come up with? Couldn’t they have just had Orton retain via nefarious means? Or have Armstrong make the fast count when Orton was pinning Bryan? Didn’t Punk just hold the title for 434 days and now they’re playing hot potato with it again?

Referees: Wasn’t Armstrong the same referee who officiated the Punk-Taker match at Breaking Point where Taker ‘tapped out’? Who was then involved in some angle after that? When is Creative going to learn that featuring referees in stories doesn’t really make for good TV? Then again the last ref to be involved in such an angle is now the GM of RAW, so maybe the future is looking up for Scott.

Acting: He wasn’t crying as much as when he was forced to knock out Bryan, but Show certainly was trying to replicate that when given another ‘impossible’ decision. However, is it really necessary to drag these things out for so much time? It’s like they reach the point of taking it too far and decide to milk it even more. Yeah Show has to do something horrible to keep his formerly iron-clad contract and he hates it. We get it already!