hbk-2013As the WWE slogs its way through yet another shortened window between PPVs, how will they keep people’s interest? How will Mr COO respond to getting KOed by Big Show? Will Cena show up to hype his match with Del Rio as well to help ratings? Will there be a Bryan-Orton confrontation? Will HBK be there as well? Will the Rhodes Brothers challenge The Shield for the Tag Titles? Are the Usos still the #1 Contenders? More importantly, if wrestlers are wearing pink gear to the ring for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, does that mean The Shield will come out in pink riot gear?

HBK: It doesn’t matter what the reason is or how it fits into the current storyline, it’s always a good thing when Shawn Michaels is on WWE television. He brings that extra bit of excitement and showmanship that few on the current roster can equal. Of course his role as the Special Guest Referee adds even more drama to the WWE Title match and the swarm of speculation as to whether he’ll be impartial or be biased.

Penny Titles: It would be awesome enough that the Rhodes Brothers are getting a shot at the Tag titles tonight in a no DQ match, however they get said shot in the main event. Think about that. The same titles which have been treated with barely enough prestige and respect at times are in the main event of RAW. Add in the RhoBros capturing those titles, with a huge assist from Big Show, and it makes for a great moment that had the crowd going wild.

JBL Great Quote of The Night: ‘I can’t believe The Big Show! He trespassed and assaulted an official of NYSE publicly traded company!’

John Cena: To hype Cena’s return at Hell In A Cell, WWE puts together a video package that highlights his heart, desire and passion for the business. If there was one thing that he makes abundantly clear in practically every promo he gives, it’s his heart, desire and passion. While all the kiddies were all excited, practically everyone else let out a collective groan.

Pink Slips: Nowadays when a wrestler is ‘fired’ on screen, it pretty much means nothing with the latest example being Big Show last week. Even when he was given the boot, it was a foregone conclusion that Show would be back. He even laughed it off as if it meant nothing. Sure enough he came back at the end of the show. John Cena was ‘fired’ during the Nexus angle, yet barged back in and was about to be fired after losing to Punk at MITB 2011, but was ‘miraculously’ saved at the last minute. The act of firing a wrestler can be used as plot device to further a storyline, like with Cody Rhodes. However not when it’s used in such a way that its impact is subsequently taken away by the aftermath.

Polling: HBK, Bob Backlund or Booker T? Was there any doubt as to which person the ‘Universe’ would pick to be the Special Guest Referee? It’s not like these RAW polls actually mean anything. There’s almost always one option that is given and promoted in a way that influences the crowd’s decision. It’s giving the illusion of choice and the whole idea is an unnecessary addition. Of course it’s yet another way for the company to promote its app, which they can never get enough of it seems.

Choices: So R-Truth is currently Curtis Axel’s top competition for the IC Title and he’s in a semi alliance with Punk since both have issues with the Paul Heyman Guys. Wouldn’t it have made for a more logical choice for Kofi Kingston to be on R-Truth’s place? After all Punk and Kofi were Tag Team champs together once which could lead to sorts of interactions or backstage segments. Then again their reign was 5 years ago and Creative does have a short term memory.