After yet another action-packed PPV, how will WWE deal with the fallout? What will Cena say about winning the World Heavyweight Title? Will that belt actually mean something now? How will Bryan react to what HBK did to him last night? What will Orton’s victory speech be like? Will HHH get him another Escalade? What will CM Punk do now that he’s finally gotten his hands on Heyman? What will the Paulrus’ reaction be to yet another loss by one of his clients? How will WWE deal with the IC title after Axel’s injury? Which midcard title will Big E Langston go after now? Will Big Show show up tonight despite not being ’employed’?

Cena: Yes it’s a rare sight to see SuperCena in the Best section, however he earned it with his match tonight. No he suddenly didn’t become a mat technician, but he sold very well in said match. After a show opening promo, he gets beat down by Sandow who subsequently cashes in his MITB. The whole angle of Cena’s latest comeback has involved him possibly not being fully healed and Sandow took full advantage of that. Cena still was able to overcome it, but the way he sold the pain added to the drama of the match. You could buy into how much it was affecting him and how he had to adjust his strategy.

Teddy: So after The Usos ran into to save Big E Langston from The Shield, Brad Maddox comes out and makes a 6 man tag! He channeled his inner Teddy Long! Tag Match Playas!

Boiled Over: It’s debatable which was better after Shawn Michaels seemingly turned heel, whether Bryan put him in the Yes! Lock or how indignant JBL was over on commentary. On one hand the sight of Bryan finally snapping after all the corporate abuse and putting one of the greatest of all time in the Yes! Lock was pretty awesome. Then again anytime JBL gets really upset and starts ranting makes for good TV.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘They should have a restraining order! He’s a 7 foot tall criminal!’ Very accurate description of Big Show, yes?

Step by Step: Cole explained how to download the WWE App in extreme detail yet again. *facepalm*

Cashed In: So Damien Sandow cashes in his MITB against Cena and as the ref is checking to make sure the champ is good to go, they…go to commercial? Really? WWE, you’re really going to run some ads during a cash-in, an exciting moment in its own right? Then they cut to commercial yet again during the match itself. The match being good is beside the point, it’s just questionable that they would cut away from this kind of match. Some would also say that Sandow failing to capture the WHC from Cena is questionable, but let’s wait to see how this unfolds.

WWE 2K14: Hey did you know that WWE has a video game coming out tomorrow? If you watch the company’s programming in any capacity, there us no way you could not be aware. Promoting one’s own product is what any good company does, but, true to form, WWE is takes to whole new level, bombarding its audience with promos and hype. Having the game be the ‘sponsor’ of Hell In A Cell is fine, but throwing in a promotional segment to eat up time falls a little flat. We shouldn’t be surprised that WWE is going into overdrive promoting one of their products, but at a certain point it gets annoying.