show-hhhAs the weather outside turns colder, WWE turns its attention to Survivor Series, the final Big 4 PPV of the year. Will we start to see the traditional SS matches take shape? Will we find out the identity of Bray Wyatt’s ‘Devil’? What will HHH do tonight that’s ‘best’ for business? How will Stephanie use the services of the newly unmasked Kane? How will Sandow rebound after losing his MITB cash-in to Cena? Will there continue to be dissension teased amongst The Shield? Most importantly, did everyone remember to turn back their clocks yesterday?

Heyman: He didn’t show up to RAW in order to sell his injuries from HIAC, but did do a ‘phone interview’. What makes that alright is that Heyman was still able to be as engrossing as usual using just his voice instead of the facial expressions and gestures he would have if he was there in person. Few people can captivate an audience like Paul Heyman. Just imagine what he could accomplish had he gone into politics instead of wrestling?

The Law: Usually lawsuits or the threat of them haven’t been used very well in WWE, however one aspect of Show’s current one is that we get the return of David Otunga! The only thing that could make this even better is if we also get the return of the immensely popular David Otunga’s Travel Mug!

JBL Great Quote of The Night: ‘Why don’t you go tell him that Mr War Corespondent? Go tell him he looks like Michael Myers!’ JBL to Cole after the latter compared a masked Erick Rowan to Myers.

Wrestling: RAW has been having some good matches in the past few months, which is great for the product. Even what would appear to be squash matches last longer then normal. However, Creative then goes and makes us have to watch Great Khali attempt to move around the ring, which is difficult to do to say the least.

WWE 2K14: So they continue to sell the video game and their newest ploy is to have fans vote on a certain set of matches and the winner is recreated through the game. Tonight’s involved world title changes at Mania and with choices such as Hogan-Warrior, Michaels-Hart and HHH-Jericho, the Universe chose….Rock-Cena. Then again most of WWE’s fanbase wasn’t even alive when the first two matches happened.

Big Show: So if Show is banned/forbidden/barred/etc from arenas where WWE has its events, then how the hell is he still making it into the ring? Yeah yeah, it’s part of the storyline where he’s defying H’s authority, but it still makes the ‘security’ look stupendously inept. Plus it’s not like Show can be stealthy or something. The obvious conclusion to this is that Show has someone on the inside helping him and we did get some kind of answer like that, at least for tonight.

Total Divas: So Tyson Kidd returns in a tag match with Natalya and ends up winning it with the Sharpshooter. Later in the night, he’s ‘trending worldwide on Twitter’ and Cole says that shows the power of Total Divas. Wait, what? How does that make sense? Sure the show is back and they have to promote it somehow, but isn’t there any other way they could work it in?