orton-cena-survivor-seriesSurvivor Series has come and gone, but fans can take solace in the fact that yet another gimmick PPV is coming up in TLC. Will there be new feuds or will Creative continue on with current ones? Are they actually teasing a World Title unification after Cena confronted Orton last night? Who will step up to challenge Ambrose and Langston for their titles? What about RhoBros? Who will Mark Henry induct into the newly reopened Hall of Pain? How will ‘special guest’ Michael Strahan factor into the show? Of course it wouldn’t be an episode of RAW without an impressive Spear(or two? three?) from Roman Reigns.

Unified: Well that came together quickly, didn’t it? Instead of beating around the bush, WWE got right to it in the show opening promo when HHH booked Cena-Orton at the TLC PPV in a TLC Match. The fact that they announced this at the top of the show instead of teasing it for weeks and then announcing it makes this worthy of being in The Best. Sure this matchup has been done numerous times in the past but it’s been a while, so it’s not like they just did it recently. Plus they’re seemingly for both World Titles, which raises the stakes even more.

Booyaka Booyaka: Rey Mysterio is back and that surely is a welcome development. The pop he got when he tagged into his match with RhoBros against The Shield was huge and his initial burst of offense where he was flying around the ring got the crowd really into the match. Who knows whether he’ll get back into the main event picture, but you can be sure he’ll make things highly entertaining.

The Miz: To say that Miz’s heel turn is long overdue is a massive understatement. He certainly had the charisma to succeed but suffered from bad booking. Now he can go back to being the highly entertaining obnoxious heel he was so successful at for a vast majority of his career. Sure it isn’t off to such a good start after that awkward segment with Michael Strahan, but we did get to play The Really Game with Miz!

JBL Great Quote of The Night: ‘Hamptons Hardcore match? What are they going to do? Drive around in daddy’s Mercedes and throw lattes at each other?!’

Demonstration: Not only did Michael Cole demonstrate yet again how to download the WWE App, but Lawler even said ‘Yes Michael, show us how one more time!’ It was hard to tell if he was actually being serious or just sarcastic. Either way it was still painful to watch.

Unified: While Cena-Orton was booked for TLC, Mr COO didn’t come out and say it was a Unification match instead saying both titles would be hanging above the ring. Plus Cole repeatedly said the match was for ‘both the WWE and World Titles’. The impetus for the supposed unification is that the roster isn’t as deep as it used to be and that there aren’t enough guys to make two good World Title feuds. On the other hand, they could keep both titles with the current roster if they could just book better feuds.

Rematch: So after the barn burner that was the Divas Survivor Series match last night, WWE gives us more of what he obviously want. It’s that same match, the very next night on free TV. So why have the match at the PPV in the first place? People sure weren’t buying said PPV for the Divas match, but it still doesn’t make much sense to have the same match two nights in a row. Then again what makes sense in the Divas decision these days? For that matter, why not have Langston win the IC title at Survivor Series? It certainly would make for a bigger moment.