It’s the RAW the week before Survivor Series, one of the Big Four PPVs, yet there are only three matches officially on the card. None of them are the traditional elimination matches that the PPV is known for, so will there will be any announced or strongly hinted at tonight? Will there be other title matches on Sunday? How will Korporate Kane continue his stint as ‘Director of Operations’? What will The Authority do after they were on vacation last week? Why the hell wasn’t Wade Barrett on either show last week when they were in Manchester, right down the road from his hometown? More importantly, how bad did the internet smarks mark out when the Wyatts and The Shield went at it last week?

Long Overdue: Curtis Axel finally dropped the Intercontinental title which is the least to say something that’s been a long time coming. His reign has been very uninspiring, but then again when was the last time you could say that about any IC reign? Then again Cole and Lawler called the title ‘prestigious’ about 57 times during the match, so maybe we’re all missing something? Now that Axel can fade back into obscurity, perhaps the new champion Big E Langston can make something of the title.

Goldust: How great has he looked since coming back? It’s like he hasn’t even missed a beat. When he challenged Orton to get his brother’s job back, people were surprised at how well he looked in the ring. Now after Cody and he won their jobs and then the Tag Titles, nothing has changed. He looks just as crisp and fluid as before. How long this current stint lasts is uncertain, but the RhoBros angle has provided a fresh and engaging storyline not just for Goldust and Cody, but also for the fans to be invested in.

Main Event: A 12 man tag match that features The Shield and The Wyatt Family teaming together? First they brawled last week and now they’re on the same side? Then they spend the match jawing at each other and also working together? The smarks must be losing their minds right now!

JBL Great Quote of The Night: ‘You two are going to have a Broadway Brawl. What is that? Hell I don’t know!’ That was actually HHH describing Sandow and Ziggler’s match to both of them.

Cena: The Champ comes out in a sling to continue to sell his injury while the announcers have played it up all night long, even questioning whether he can compete at Survivor Series. So Del Rio tries to take advantage and Cena ‘magically’ throws off the sling. Using the injury-as-a-detriment angle can be effective, but not when it’s used practically every time like they do with Cena. We get it already, SuperCena can overcome everything.

3MB: When the guys came as ‘The Union Jacks’ last week when WWE was in Manchester, it was alright and was sort of funny. Now with RAW in Nashville, they show up as ‘The Rhinestone Cowboys’, complete with appropriate attire? It certainly was painful, cringe-inducing and…yeah that’s about it.

Scheduling: So it’s become standard in WWE for the week of a PPV to have only a handful of matches on the card. Whether or not they’re adjusting fueds/angles on the fly or  just have no idea, it’s been a troubling trend in recent memory. Sure there’s something to be said for dropping hints at what could happen and keeping people guessing, but when that’s the usual MO, it loses some of its appeal. There was a time when most of a PPV card was filled out weeks in advance, thus giving them ample time for build up. Now they throw together matches at the last minute and then wonder why buyrates are so bad. People won’t be interested in ordering the show if they aren’t invested in the matches.