Wrestlemania XXX is less then two weeks and things are starting to heat up. John Cena finally got serious with Bray Wyatt, so will that continue or will he revert to his usual jokes? Will Lesnar and The Undertaker come face to face or will Heyman speak for The Brock Ness Monster again? How will The Shield’s continuing face turn develop? Who will team with Kane to potentially face the trio at Mania? Will we get any more announcement for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal? Will we get any more matches added to the card? How will latest guest star Arnold Schwarzenegger fare? Will there be any more Hall of Fame inductees? Perhaps most importantly of all, how will Bryan respond to HHH’s beatdown from last week?

The Shield: Now that The Hounds of Justice have more or less turned face, it’s given the group a new lease on life, so to speak. They don’t necessarily have to be babyfaces or overt faces at all in that they can just say they don’t want to be controlled or don’t answer to anyone and the crowd will get behind them. Then again, they’re already incredibly over, so crowd support is not an issue. Being face opens up the possibility of revisiting their feud with the Wyattts, but Bray is busy with Cena, so they have to settle for Korporate Kane and The Middle Age Outlaws. However long their face turn lasts, they’ll still provide us with intriguing story development and some of the best in-ring work in the company. They certainly did in regards to the latter against The Real Americans tonight which featured Ambrose telling Cesaro to slap him again, Rollins flying around the ring like usual and the return of an old favorite, the Triple Powerbomb through the announce table.

Interview: The idea of Cole doing an in-ring interview with HHH doesn’t exactly sound like the best idea, however the way it went off was great. It wasn’t an interview so much as it was an extended soliloquy by Hunter with occasional questions by Cole. Like last week, he was right at home as a heel, dishing out out insults to Cole, Bryan, Batista, Orton and especially The Universe. He continued to the troll the crowd about how they cry when they don’t get what they want for Bryan and sarcastically told them to send him a tweet if they’re upset with that. Yet more awesomeness from HHH.

Cesaro: Who would’ve thought that the ‘Real American’ gimmick would’ve made him so popular? For that matter, who else could’ve gotten the Giant Swing over as a signature move then him? It seems to have been temporarily put on hold, but the face turn is coming with his post match actions with Sami Zayn at NXT Arrival the biggest indicator. Plus, every time he steps in the ring he puts on a show and the fans have come to appreciate that.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: Cole: ‘Christian, Del Rio, Ziggler, Sheamus. Which of these four guys would Big E want to face for the Intercontinental title? JBL: ‘Justin Roberts’

Scooby Doo: It’s understandable that WWE would want to promote its Mania-themed Scooby Doo move with said event just around the corner, however it wasn’t exactly placed well so to speak. First, Cole talked about his upcoming interview with HHH about the Bryan attack and then Lawler immediately transitions to Scooby. Not exactly the smoothest, but what really made this segment unbearable is that a guy in a Scooby costume accompanies Sin Cara to his match against Damien Sandow and Cara proceeds to squash the Intellectual Savior in a few minutes. Doesn’t Sandow deserve better then this?

JBL: He’s normally great on commentary and often makes watching matches that much more interesting. However, tonight Scooby Doo was in the building and multiple times when Scooby was mentioned JBL would shout ‘Who let the dogs out!’ Ugh, as if doing Occupy RAW was not keeping up with current trends…

Titles: So why exactly is Randall still carrying around both the WWE and WHC titles? Weren’t they unified a few months ago?  When that happened the WHC was retired and the WWE lineage continued. Perhaps since they added the ‘World Heavyweight’ to the title’s name, they wanted to keep that one around? They eventually debuted a new design after they unified the titles back in 2001, so maybe that’s what will happen here. On the other hand, if the champ continues to carry around both belts, then that leaves open the possibility that they split them back into two. Of course this would be a horrible booking decision, but it’s not like WWE has ever done that before, right?