hogan-wweThe Road to Wrestlemania continues on with less then a month until the event and things are starting to heat up. With RAW in Memphis, will Jerry Lawler be featured in anyway? What will Hogan’s ‘Wrestlemania announcement’ be? Will Undertaker respond in any way to Lesnar’s actions and Heyman’s promo last week? Will Bryan get his match with HHH? Will WWE finally fix the unappealing Mania ‘main event’? What about the new tag champs The Usos? For that matter what about the other titles? Will they Mania matches? What will The Shield do after their ‘Summit’ on Smackdown? How will Cena continue to sell his injuries at the hands of the Wyatts?

The Shield: Normally signs of these guys breaking up would fall in the Worst, but it’s inevitable and at least they’re doing it in a way that keeps the fans guessing. Conventional wisdom has suggested that Reigns would be the catalyst and would walk out on the other two, but to see it actually be Rollins last week was an interesting change. The bickering has focused on Reigns and Ambrose with Rollins playing the peacekeeper, but to switch it up and bring the group’s spotlight onto The Architect was a welcome development. He even got the pin in his and Reigns’ tag match with RhoBros tonight and it was replayed several times.

Undertaker: Maybe it’s because we only see it a handful of times or because of the awe inspires when we see it, but Undertaker’s entrance is one of the best, if not the best, entrances in wrestling history. No matter how many times it’s seen, it still as chilling and awesome as the last time you saw it.

Occupy RAW: Despite the idea of the segment being a bit behind in the times, it finally solved the problem of how to spice up the Mania main event. Bryan filled the ring and ringside area with ‘followers’ of the Yes Movement for Occupy RAW and their refusal to leave until HHH gave in to their demands was certainly one of the more unique segments we’ve seen on RAW. For once the roles were reversed and Bryan had Hunter right where he wanted him. Mr COO deserves credit for nailing the frustration and anger of his role in the segment. Not only does Bryan get his match with HHH at Mania, but he also extracted an extra concession, which is if he wins he gets placed into the WWE Title match. This segment more then anything played up Bryan’s man of the people role.

JBL Great Quote of The Night: It wasn’t one particular quote, but JBL’s general reaction to Occupy RAW was hilarious.

Per A Source: LOL at all the dirtsheets saying that Punk will absolutely be at RAW last week. Why do people even believe these things? All they do is make educated guesses and attribute said guesses to ‘unnamed sources’ so in the event that they’re wrong, which is almost always, then they can cover themselves when their lies are exposed. All this Punk stuff happened when someone was like ‘hey RAW is in Chicago and Punk is from Chicago, so he must be showing up’. If a normal journalist was wrong more then 90% of the time, then they wouldn’t have a job, so why does that work for wrestling ‘journalists’?

Big Announcement: So Hulk Hogan’s Wrestlemania announcement is that there will be a 30 man over the top Battle Royal? Sure it’s in memory of Andre The Giant, but didn’t we just have this type of event recently? Maybe it was the name of a PPV? Maybe they’ll flesh out the details as Mania gets closer, but right now all it looks like is the typical multi-man match that gets as many guys on the card that normally wouldn’t be part of the event.

Bray Wyatt: Is Wyatt overrated? Sure he plays a great character, but it’s limited in how he can develop and his gimmick doesn’t really give alot of room to grow. He basically comes out and gives the same type of creepy promos every week. Plus he’s not that good in the ring anyways since Harper and Rowan carry the action when its a 6 man tag match. How many times is he going to do that bend backwards thing he does in the corner before it gets old? He’s still a great character and great on the mic, it’s just he needs to add variety if he doesn’t want his schtick to get stale.