So now that football season is over, does that mean viewership numbers will rise for WWE? Or will the Olympics mess with that? Either way, you can bet that they’ll be upping their game given that the Road to Wrestlemania is just starting. With the Elimination Chamber participants set, how will they hype the match? Will The Shield and the Wyatts confront each other? Will the rest of the card start to take shape? More importantly, how many segments will the crowd hijack with Yes and/or Daniel Bryan chants?

Dream Match: The match that most have wanted for a long time is finally going to happen as The Shield will be taking on The Wyatt Family. It was teased a few months ago before they briefly aligned against Punk and Bryan. Not only will this be an anticipated match for the clash of the two factions, but also for the promos. We all know what these guys can do on the mic and the verbal battles they could have will be must-see TV. We all know how good Ambrose and Rollins are, but Reigns isn’t too bad either. The most interesting development is that this week we got to hear a little from Harper and Rowan whereas Bray has done all the talking before. Though it was a promo shown on the Tron, here’s to hoping they have face-to-face ones soon.

One More Match: With two open spots in the Chamber match, Creative made a great decision in putting in Christian and Antonio Cesaro. The former is wise because we all get to see Captain Charisma get yet One More Match, though hearing him say that sounds way better then when he first used it as a heel. Cesaro is that newcomer/midcarder guy they always seem to put in this kind of match. It would also appear to be a test run of sorts to see how he can perform on his own on a big stage since they seem to be teasing dissension amongst The Real Americans, especially after Christian beat Swagger tonight and Cesaro did not seem pleased at all.

YES Movement: To see Bryan come out and get all those ‘YES’ chants is one of the best parts of every RAW. One has to imagine what it’d be like to hear that live. He gets to face Orton in the main event and despite the fact we’ve seen this one before, they still put on an excellent match. The amount of different submission holds Bryan used was awesome. Even more awesome was the fact that he got the clean pin on Orton despite attempted interference by Kane.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘Counter? A boot to the face is a good counter!’ On the other hand, anything he said when Cole and Lawler hinted at the ‘conspiracy’ about New Age Outlaws getting the Tag Titles would qualify here.

WWE App: It shouldn’t be surprising how much the commentators push the App, but you would think by now that people know how to download it. Seriously, haven’t we all gotten used to downloading apps in general by this time? Haven’t people been doing it for years by now? Does WWE not think people are smart enough to figure it out on their own?

Punk: By now anyone who has even a passing interest in what goes on outside the ring knows that CM Punk has ‘left’ the WWE. Plenty has been said on the dirtsheets about the reasons behind his and whether it’s a work or not. It could be said that there are reasons to believe either side. However, what it boils down to that this is all mere speculation, which is something the dirtsheets do well. People can site site all the ‘sources’ they want, but it’s highly doubtful (i.e. probably false) that any of these reports are true. Whether Punk has a legitimate beef with WWE and walked out or if this was a work from the beginning is irrelevant right now. We’ll find out in time the truth behind this all, but for now it’s just gossip fodder.

Prime Timed: While the tag team division is doing better these days, on Smackdown one of those teams split as Titus O’Neil turned on Darren Young. Tonight on RAW O’Neil got his first match as a heel against…Zack Ryder, which means it was a squash. Whether breaking up PTP was a good move remains to be seen, but it does mean we won’t get to see MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLION OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.