orton-batistaRAW is in Chicago tonight and CM Punk is currently still on his ‘hiatus’. Seems like a prime opportunity for a surprise return by the hometown hero, yes? Of course WWE might not have it happen just to troll the crowd. Either way, how will the crowd affect the show? What about Orton and Batista? How loud will the boos be when they come out? What about the unofficial Mania matches of Cena-Wyatt and Bryan-HHH? Finally, will Hogan be in attendance to follow up on his own return? Do you think he was taken back by the huge crowd last week because he’s used to a few hundred at a dinky venue in TNA?

Heyman: In case people might have forgotten, Paul Heyman was here to remind you about just how great he is on the mic. Coming out to CM Punk’s music was trolling at its best and his subsequent ‘pipebomb’ as he called it was even better. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand as he blames them for Punk not being there. It’s just classic Heyman. He also blames the Undertaker which brings it all back to the current feud. Has Heyman ever given a bad promo?

Greatness: Another matchup between The Shield and The Wyatt Family? Yes please! Sure it didn’t have the same buzz since it wasn’t the very first matchup, but it was still awesome. Everything from Rollins flying around the ring and Ambrose doing his best Ric Flair impression with a Figure Four to Reigns’ wicked dropkick to a rope hung Harper and him Spearing Rowan over the announce table was awesome. Sure the overall story was Rollins walking out on his team, but that shouldn’t detract from the match too much.

Chicago: Whenever the WWE comes to the Windy City they always get a raucous reception. Tonight was that and more given the Punk factor. The crowd was chanting CM PUNK early and often, even at times chanting over other people on the mic.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘I know exactly what’s he saying! I know Bulgarian! I have a Bulgarian Rosetta Stone.’ After Alexander Rusev’s ‘promo’

Main Event: Orton-Batista is an incredibly anticipated Wrestlemania main event…said no one ever. The crowd doesn’t like Orton but based on their reactions lately, they like Batista substantially less. They were even cheering for Del Rio in his match against The Animal! Is there anything Creative can do at this point to make this match interesting? If they keep Batista in the face role, he’s going to be booed and if they turn him heel, people will still boo him, though it appears they’ve gone the latter route. Now unless they do something dramatic like shoehorn Daniel Bryan and make it a Triple Threat, then the match will be drowned out by boos, jeers and be considered a terrible ‘main event’ even before the bell rings.

Special Guest: Why are they still doing this ‘Special Guest Star’ thing? This time around its Aaron Paul plugging his movie Need For Speed, which sure is going to go over well with a crowd wanting Punk. A Batista-Orton promo would be preferable to this!

Cena: So it’s been far too long since Cena got a new shirt, but like clockwork, he’s come out with a new one in recent weeks. However why does the latest shirt say ‘U Can’t C Me’ when its neon and probably glows in the dark? Isn’t that an oxymoron?