orton-unified-champAfter the ‘Most Super Important Match in WWE History’ how will the Undisputedly Unified Champ Randy Orton follow up his victory? Will we get another Coronation Ceremony? How will Cena react to the loss? Will Daniel Bryan become Daniel Wyatt? How much bickering will there be between The Shield after Reigns accidentally Speared Ambrose? Will The Hounds of Justice break up? Since the Royal Rumble is up next, who will be the first wrestler to declare that they will win the Rumble? More importantly, which segment tonight will fans hijack with ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants?

Tag Teams: The Tag Title Fatal Four way match last night was as sure a sign as any that the tag team division is on its way up. RhoBros are putting on excellent matches as the champs and not only are there several other teams, but several of them are legitimate contenders for the titles. There’s The Shield, Real Americans, The Usos as well as Prime Time Players, Wyatt Family and the thrown together teams of Show/Mysterio, Langston/Henry and Ryback/Axel. The tag matches on RAW and Smackdown are being given a good amount of time and they are always among the best matches of their respective night. The division’s depth can only mean we’ll be seeing more of them, which is absolutely a good thing.

Seth Rollins: Sure there’s been an increase in the teasing of dissension amongst The Shield, particularly between Ambrose and Regins, however that’s overlooking an aspect of the third member of the team. Rollins might as good or even better then Ziggler at selling his opponent’s offense. He’s been consistent match in and match out. Can you imagine if those two had a match together? It wouldn’t be trying to show each other up with offense, but how best they can sell the others moves.

New Era: The Undisputed Orton era kicks off with the Viper insulting every person in the locker room, which later turns into him telling them and everyone else that they should kiss his ass. Then he has to face Bryan in the main event and they both put on a PPV quality match. Sure Orton low blowed Bryan to take the cheap way out, but it allowed Cena to do a run in and then eat an RKO. Randall gets to stand tall with both titles over his two biggest challengers. If this is how the ‘new era in WWE’ is going to be, then it sure will be entertaining.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘You are the worst white man in the history of dancing!’ JBL to Cole after the latter tried to do his best Tons of Funk impression.

Percentages: Whenever there is a match that’s 3 or more people/teams, one of the commentators (usually Cole) always mention how there’s such and such a chance of someone winning or retaining. Such was the case with the Fatal Four Way last night. Cole mentioned a number of times how RhoBros only had a 25% chance of retaining. It’s something they do whenever these situations arrive, but they never seem to realize that it’s not a pure 25% given that there are so many factors and the ‘percentages’ would change and shift throughout the match.

Current Events: WWE always likes to stay current with what’s going on in the world. So during a pretty good tag match between RhoBros and Show/Mysterio, all three of the announcers took the time to take a few ‘selfies’ at King’s insistence. Usually they just talk over the action in the ring, but this was on another level entirely. It’s hard coming up with the right words to perfectly encapsulate how horrendously cringe-inducing that segment was to witness.

Langston: So during Big E’s tag match with Mark Henry against The Real Americans, he stops Cesaro from attempting the Cesaro Swing on Henry. Why would he do that? The crowd pops every time Cesaro pulls the move and he’s done it on a number of big men. The crowd was going wild when he was setting Henry up for it, so why would Big E stop that? Even JBL was upset that the IC champ stopped us from witnessing the highlight of the night!