wyatt-cena-maskIt’s the last RAW before Extreme Rules and the usual questions abound for a go home show. Will the final build for the PPV be effective? Given the theme, how many more matches on the card will get ‘extreme’ stipulations? How will Bryan respond to his beatdown at the hands of his former tag partner? Who will get the upper hand between The Shield and Evolution heading into their clash? Will Cena get serious or crack more jokes at The Wyatt Family’s expense? Who will emerge as Big E’s challenger for the IC title? More importantly, what’s the next development in the hot Hornswoggle vs El Torito fued?

Sing-a-long: He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands is meant to be an uplifting and cheerful song. Only Bray Wyatt could take such a song and then turn it into some creepy cult hymn. It’s been catching on with the Universe much to Cena’s dismay. However, Bray changed the game when he got a choir of children to sing it along with him tonight. Seeing all those kids dressed in black and then with sheep masks on turned it from creepy to disturbing. Sure Wyatt could’ve given another cryptic message that would’ve hyped the cage match, but this was so much more effective. Will Bray ever be able to top what he did tonight?

The Shield: Another week, another instance of The Shield once again proving that they are the best thing going in WWE. Others might grab the spotlight on a certain week, but The Hounds of Justice are consistently one of the better parts of the programming each week. It’s even better since they have their toughest test yet in the Men’s Warehouse Catalog…or Evolution, as they’re also called.

Good News: There were a number of fans who were hoping RVD would compete Sunday for his 7th IC title…BUT I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! That opportunity goes to Bad News Barrett and it’s really the best decision. Barrett has been on a bit of roll lately, getting more over with the crowd and putting the title on him would keep that going. RVD is headed for a feud with Cesaro and doesn’t need the IC title for that since Paul Heyman is already included.

JBL Great Quote of the Night: ‘Cesaro isn’t stupid! He knows he can’t trust Paul Heyman, but he also knows that his past clients have gone on to become World Champions!’

Tag Teams: Wasn’t it just a few months that we were talking about how robust the tag division was in WWE? Now we have RybAxel as the challengers for the titles when the RhoBros are sitting around with nothing to do? The former Paul Heyman Guys have done well since being cast out by Heyman himself, but aren’t really the best challengers, despite the fact that they’ve been built up that way. It just seems like every time the tag division really gets going, things fall apart or teams are broken up. On the other hand, Ryback was awesome on commentary last week and showed a personality he’s been unable to so far.

Sheamus: The Celtic Warrior has been putting on some pretty good matches as of late, but has been spinning his wheels ever since he returned from injury. Even beyond that his character hasn’t really changed that much since he turned face all the way back in 2011. To say it’s gotten stale is an understatement, so how long will this go on before he actually gets meaningful feud? No that doesn’t include getting beat down by Titus O’Neil and then ending the match with a Brogue Kick out of nowhere.

Ziggler: We all knew that Dolph could sell in the ring, but who knew he could sell so well on the mic? Hugh Jackman is on RAW to promote the latest X-Men movie and given the way that Ziggler hyped the movie, you’d think he should do it full time, since WWE doesn’t seem to be giving him much to do lately. Is he being incredibly underutilized? Absolutely. Then again at least he isn’t dressing up in cheap costumes like Damien Sandow.