Last night the WWE went gone EXTREME at the titular PPV, well at least within the confines of PG programming. Now they can get back to kid friendly programming with Cena still as the WWE Champion and the sponsors will be happy. So what happens now? Will Ryback get another title shot after coming up short yet again on the big stage? What happens to Jericho and Fandango now that they’re tied at 1-1? Was anyone even paying attention to their match with Summer Rae at ringside? When will Del Rio face Ziggler for the WHC? Can Dolph steal the show when he’s not even there? Are there any people left out there who don’t believe in The Shield? More importantly how can a PPV that’s built on carnage and extreme happen with the Spanish announce table making it to the end intact???

The Shield: There never was really that much doubt, but it was a clean sweep for the Hounds of Justice as Ambrose is the new US champ and Double R (Rollins and Reigns) are the Tag Champs. Now things get interesting. The Shield has always been a kind of outlaw group that doesn’t play by anyone’s rules and does things that are against the norm, i.e. coming through the crowd instead of down the ramp and being a group without a clear leader. If they want to keep the belts, they have to defend them on others’ terms be it Vickie, Teddy, etc. They have to play by rules other then their own. This might seem contrary to their ideals, but it does give the group a chance to evolve, which is very important if they want to keep their momentum going.  They certainly did with their actions tonight.

Believing: Yes I did just talk about The Shield, but so much is going for them that it has to be broken into two parts. This RAW was probably one of the better ones for the group in a long time. They cut a terrific in ring promo about their path of destruction including making Ryback feel so betrayed he finally snapped. It’s not just what they said, but their delivery from Ambrose’s measured tone to Rollins’ passion. They back up their words with a 20+ minute 6 man tag against Hell No and Kofi. That’s about 30 minutes of time, or 1/6 of RAW’s total time that was dedicated to The Shield. If it wasn’t clear before, the WWE is firmly behind them and hasn’t dropped the ball like they did with Nexus.

Paul Heyman Guy: Well that was certainly an unexpected turn of events. Heyman announcing his newest client as Curtis Axel, formerly known as Michael McGillicutty of The New Nexus. His welcome back present? A main event match with Triple H! So did he rise to the occasion? Of course not! He’s facing off against H who is known for burying young talent. The match had no official end as the doctors forced Hunter to stop competing he acted disoriented and had trouble staying on his feet. Axel seems like an interesting choice and some people are probably extremely skeptical of him, but remember this is Heyman we’re talking about. He deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Ryback: Think he should steer away from insulting the fans? If his show opening promo was any indication it’s something Creative should axe out of any future promos for him. Ryback was showing decent mic skills since his heel turn but this one was just painful. Calling the fans ‘weak’ and ‘pathetic’ gets cheap heat and has been done effectively by others, but those guys were at least somewhat eloquent. For that matter, they also won a PPV match once in awhile.

Lawler: The commentating has been quite good, given that Jerry has kept the lame jokes to the minimum. However, since Summer Rae came onto the scene, he’s fallen back into his creepy old man routine. It’s not enough for him to say she’s gorgeous, he has to work in such jokes as being at the library and ‘checking’ her out and her dress being so hot it contributes to global warming. It took away from the Miz-Jericho vs Barrett-Fandango tag match that was going on and not one mention was made of Jericho being Barrett’s Pro on NXT or Miz ‘trying’ to be the next Y2J.

Shameless Advertising: The Domino’s ordering stunt from a few weeks ago was bad enough, but then they have to throw in an ad for Sonic milkshakes as the show returns from a commercial break. Was them showing ‘regular’ people in the stands ‘enjoying’ the shakes their way to make viewers connect with the product more? Is this the real reason RAW was expanded to 3 hours? Not to be outdone by outside products, WWE still manages to shove their app down everyone’s throats. They want you to think it’s cool to download the app, see exclusive content and vote for Jack Swagger’s opponent tonight. Having the commentators play up that 150,000+ votes were cast and then have Lawler say he voted 8 times sure makes that number seem legit.