rock-punk-promoAfter an exciting but somewhat predictable Royal Rumble, RAW is live tonight in Las Vegas and you know what that means…RAW Roulette! Where matches are ‘randomly’ determined by a spin of the wheel! Will there be a Strange Bedfellows match? A Falls Count Anywhere match that spends a majority of its time in the ring? What will The Great One say about his title winning victory last night? More importantly, what will CM Punk say?

Phoenix Screwjob: It was definitely a ‘controversial’ finish to the WWE Title match and understandably Punk is peeved but the way he pulled it off in the opening promo was great. Being so angry he could barely stand still, pacing around the ring and repeatedly screaming about he was screwed bordered on a tantrum. However, Punk’s body language and facial expressions were what made it for the segment. Calling the loss the ‘Phoenix Screwjob’ fits with the tirade quite well. Angry Punk is definitely the best kind of Punk. Speaking of getting screwed, the crowd got screwed out of a Paul Heyman firing by Mr McMahon when Lesnar showed up and F5ed The Chairman. Heyman’s acting during the whole segment was great and it looks like things have picked up on The Road to Wrestlemania.

JBL: He absolutely needs to be on every show commentating. Adding him to Cole and Lawler raises the quality immensely. His historical and inside references add richness to the broadcast. He’s the perfect heel foil to Cole’s face role even to the point of calling him out for agreeing with Del Rio using duct tape to retain against Show last night, but ragging on Show for doing the same thing to ADR tonight. That’s the kind of heel/face dynamic that commentating needs. They’re aren’t in each others faces, but they more or less keep the other honest by pointing out their mistakes or miscues. It certainly makes for watching the show more enjoyable.

raw-is-jerichoJericho: The biggest Rumble entry surprise had to be none other then Y2J. Coming in at #2 after Ziggler started as #1 was a great way to kick off the Rumble match as the two picked up right where they left off last August. It remains to be seen how long his current run will last, but anytime Jericho is back in the ring is great. At this point in his career he won’t necessarily be chasing titles, so his time would be best served helping a younger wrestler get over. He’s been doing that with Ziggler, but maybe someone else like Ryback or his former NXT Rookie Wade Barrett. Vickie being the one to sign Jericho back makes for perfect revenge against Dolph and it kinda got her face points.

Predictable: There was a strong feeling that the Rumble and WWE Title matches were going to turn out the way that they did. Since it was incredibly likely that the title would put on Rock, the logical choice to face him would be Cena and though he didn’t necessarily have to win the Rumble, that’s not the way it turned out. Then again it’s not like the prestige of it would need any help. They milked last year’s bout to the max, so maybe this time they can bill as ‘Twice in A Lifetime’? At least Cena didn’t drag out which championship he’ll challenge, by announcing he’s picking the WWE Title tonight. Aside from saying he may face Punk, we all know it’ll be Rock. It’s predictable and there probably won’t be any big surprises, but it is the matchup that will make the most money for the company. In the end, that’s what really matters to the WWE.

Filler: Of course with the Roulette theme and this being a regular 3 hour RAW, the filler segments get jazzed up a bit. A Make Me Laugh challenge between Ryback and PTP fell kind of flat, but Ryback’s joke was kind of funny and him giving Shell Shock to Matt Striker was hilarious. Barrett getting to pick his opponent due to the wheel was laughable since he not-so-shockingly picked Bo Dallas. It was made even worse by the rookie getting the upset victory. Barrett does not need to be losing to generic looking newcomers, he needs to be dominating and building to a future main event slot. Still it’s not as bad a the wheel determining a dance off between Brodus Clay and Tensai. Or a Karaoke contest between Ryder and Khali.

Rock Bottom: No this has nothing to do with The Rock, but with Cena. Before his match with Cody Rhodes, the commentators brought up how Cena has replaced Fred Flintstone on the front of Fruity Pebbles boxes. Of course Cole, Lawler and JBL then get excited as they run down the Tale of The Tape between Cena and Fred. The pure inane and senseless stupidity of that little bit cannot be described properly. It may very well be rock bottom for the WWE comedy segment. Whatever you do, do not watch it. If you already have, then I feel your pain.