punk-axel-brawlAs WWE rolls on past the eventful Summerslam towards Night of Champions, questions continue to pop up. How will HHH and Orton further cement their heel turns? Has the Shield of Justice turned into the Shield of Security? Will Punk finally gets his hands on Heyman? How much time will be devoted to Cena even though he’s off TV getting surgery? How many promotional spots will be used for Total Divas? Most importantly, how will H continue to what is best for business?


The Game: There’s been a lot of chatter about Orton finally turning heel and rightfully so, but seemingly lost in all of it was the twin turn of The Game. HHH has always been a much better heel (Cerebral Assassin, Evolution) then a face (recent corporate good guy). His explanation promo from last week was classic heel Hunter drawing heat from the crowd. Not caring about how much hard work Bryan has put in to get to this point but instead about the company’s bottom line will play perfectly into the Bryan-Corporate feud. Perhaps we’ll see more of H’s ruthless side, where he used to run roughshod over people if for no other reason then he could. Putting Bryan in a Gauntlet Match against The Shield is a great start. The match was also great by the way.

Punk: His newly developing feud with Curtis Axel has the possibility of another match being for the IC Title. Some might argue that this is a massive step down for Punk, a bona-fide main eventer, so why should he care about it? The answer is that it would drive Heyman crazy if Punk were to take the title off Axel that Heyman helped his latest client win. The Punk-Axel feud is really about Punk and Heyman and thus winning the IC title would be an indirect method of revenge. It would elevate a title that actually used to mean something, where big stars would go after it because of what it meant. Add in the fact that Punk could put the title over every time he delivers his usual excellent promo and it appears to be a win-win situation. Or they could make it Punk vs Axel & Heyman, that’s just as good, right?

AJ: So after yet another match featuring the Total Divas, AJ comes out afterwards and proceeds to deliver an unexpectedly great promo by mocking them for their involvement in the ‘reality’ show. She calls them out for everything you would hope she would by hitting on all the points that bother people about the state of the Divas division. Hopefully this is the start of a trend and the champ continues to deliver promos like she did tonight.

JBL Great Quote of The Week: ‘If Rihanna and Chris Brown can get back together, then so can CM Punk and Paul Heyman!’ Honorable mention to when he said to Cole: ‘You have the rhythm of a drunk elephant’

Ring Announcing: Jo-Jo was apparently the special guest ring announcer for the Divas match and it’s safe to say that Justin Robert and Lilian Garcia’s jobs are both safe. It was pretty atrocious and probably won’t be among the show’s highlights.

Ricardo: When Ricardo revealed his new personal ring announcing client as RVD, it was certainly unexpected. While it could lead to some interesting stories with Del Rio, it’s still a bad move. This is because Ricardo saying RRRRRVVVVVVVVDDDDDD is not nearly as good as ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEL RIOOOOOOOOOO!

Rybully: There’s a point to these bullying skits right? Aside from the fact that they’re perhaps being used as promotional material for Be A Star in the sense that WWE is trying to say that’s not how kids should act. In terms of an actual angle, does it serve a purpose or is it just to give Ryback something to do? They’re not really that entertaining to begin with and tend to go on longer then they should. Hopefully, someone will step up to stop The Ryback leading to a feud that is tailor made for that person to look like a hero for standing up to the bully. Or this could just be another Creative angle that will go on before being quietly dropped.