Gears of War 3, like its predecessors, is a third-person shooter that emphasizes the use of cover and squad tactics in combat situations. The player’s character can carry four weapons: one pistol, one set of grenades, and two other weapons, all which can be swapped with other weapons dropped by fallen foes or at stockpiles throughout the game. Most weapons feature a secondary fire mode; the game’s signature rifle, the Lancer, includes a chainsaw bayonet that can be used at close range to slice through enemies. At times, the player can carry a heavier weapon, such as a mortar or gatling gun, which slows their pace while it is carried.

When in combat, the player can take some damage from enemy fire, filling a blood-colored “crimson omen” on the heads-up display as a measure of the player’s health. By staying out of the line of fire, this will dissipate, but by taking too much damage, the player will become downed, and must be brought to their feet by an ally within a short “bleed-out” period, or else will die. The player can also be killed during the bleed-out by the use of an execution move by the enemy. Some types of damage, such as explosives or head shots, can kill the player immediately without the bleed-out period. Similarly, the player can also cause enemies to fall into bleed-out in the same manner. The player and their allies and enemies can use nearly any structure as cover, firing blinding from behind it or leaning out to take aimed shots. Players can quickly switch between nearby covering walls or jump over lower cover to rush forward.

New to Gears of War 3 is the ability to tag enemy opponents; computer-controller allies will then concentrate fire on these marked enemies, while human allies will be alerted to their location on their HUD. Players can now also swap weapons and ammunition with other allies in the course of battle.

The player maintains an experience level that persists across all game modes. The player earns experience through kills, performing special types of kills, reviving and aiding teammates, and through general process of the campaign or competitive modes. Earning levels unlocks the use of special character skins and weapons within the game’s multiplayer mode.


The story-driven campaign can be played by oneself but allows for up to 4 player co-operative play, with additional players replacing the computer-controlled squad members.[6] Certain sections of the campaign require the squad to split up for a brief period, allowing the squad to approach a battle from two different fronts. Some sections feature the use of a vulnerable servo-assisted Loader to carry very large objects, requiring the rest of the squad to protect it, while others use a Silverback, a similar enhanced suit that is equipped with large weapons to fight back against the enemy locust and lambent.

Though the primary player controls Marcus Fenix for most of the game, some chapters switch control to Augustus “Cole Train” Cole, performing events that are happening simultaneously with those witnessed from Marcus’ point of view.[7]




The game features a competitive multiplayer mode, pitting 5 on 5 player battles using game types from the previous Gears games. Team deathmatch gives each team 15 respawns for each round; a team wins by forcing the other team to exhaust their respawns and killing the remaining foes. Warzone and Execution feature rounds without any respawning, with Execution further requiring that the players must finish off their enemy with execution-style kills. King of the Hill requires teams to try to hold randomly marked points on a map for as long as possible, earning points to reach a target score first. Capture the Leader tasks the teams to locate and capture the randomly assigned enemy leader for 30 seconds, while protecting their own. A final mode, Wingman, pits 5 teams of 2 players each against each other.

The Horde cooperative mode, where players must survive increasingly more difficult rounds of enemy forces, has been improved from Gears of War 2. Kills in this mode earn the player money that can be used to improve their command post with barricades, decoys, automatic and manual turrets, and the Silverback mechanical suit. Additionally, every tenth wave features a boss character that challenges the team’s efforts.

New in Gears of War 3 is cooperative Beast mode, where the players play as the various Locust forces attempting to kill all the humans manning a command post across twelve rounds. Players are given a small amount of money from which they pay to spawn as one of the several enemies available. By breaking down the humans’ defenses and killing the humans, the players earn more money to spawn as stronger monsters.

The game runs on dedicated multiplayer servers due to fans complaining of several issues that hampered the multiplayer in Gears of War 2, particularly in terms of input lag and oftentimes that hosts of online games would have a significant advantage over other players in the game.

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“I just finished beating this game and have to say this is how you end a series. I’ve played all the gears games and downloads and have seen why this has become the mainstay Xbox 360 exclusive.. I’ve always believe sequels should improve from the original and Gears has done just that. The First Gears was a nice break from COD and Halo but had its share of bugs. The following Gears 2 jump leaps and bounds from Gears 1 and became a massive hit.

We seen in many series where sequels have fallen short, such as int he Splinter Cell series. Gears 3 comes running out the barn, not only wrapping up loose ends but explaining a lot of questions that you may have had through out the series. It also comes with a very heart wrenching scene which uses the original Gears’ commercial theme as a back drop. The flashes into the background of cult Gears fav, Cole Train. And even a return of the ever redneck, Dizzy.

The fresh take of being able to do 4 player co op is also a nice touch to the game. Normally you go four player online and in horde, but to do it in a Campaign it makes things interesting and really gives you a whole new feel to the gameplay. What also got me is the addition of vehicle play that the game has, from Jeeps to manning the guns on a sub, this game goes all out in what is known as the end of a series. The graphics, with a few slight problems are breathe taking. Like you you go into the city where you set ff the light bomb in the first movie, all you see are the ashes of bodies caught in the blast.

The ending is a good one, that will have you pulling out your hair if you think you are just going to blast your way through it. And the ending scenes remind you of something out of a movie and makes you think that one should be coming out for this game soon. So if you are looking for a great co op game for your Xbox 360, that you can play online, at home with friends or by yourself,  please go and get this game. Trust me, you’ll end up doing what I did and playing it every single chance that you get.”

Rating Boost Rating 5 out of 5

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