E 60 : Scott Hall(Click Here For Preview)

Nothing is more painful than when you see someone that was once on top of the world fall so far down to earth. Enter “the Outsider” Scott Hall.

When I first saw Scott Hall, it was in 1994. He was working the big Scarface gimmick, and it worked for him. But it wasn’t just the gimmick that brought him success. He was good on the mic and in the ring. Hall reminded me alot of Jake Roberts: all the talent and god given gifts in the world, but he couldn’t handle his demons.

Now on 11 types of pill in order to keep himself going, Scott Hall no longer oozes machismo. He garners pity as someone who is now a shell of his former self. With his son trying to walk in his footsteps, has Scott finally found his purpose?

A cautionary tale for a son who will forever be burden by a last name that is held down by his father’s sins. Go to the ESPN E-60 section and find out for yourself. Then you can realize that there are somethings in wrestling that you can not fake.